The Best Walkie Talkie For 5 Year Old

Communicating with your five year old can seem like an impossible task, especially if they are being selectively deaf in order to not hear you asking them to tidy their bedrooms! Using a fun method of communication will open up all sorts of doorways for you – it will be lots of fun for the kids, and you may find that they actually listen to you too.

Using walkie talkies to communicate is not only convenient and can be really helpful, but it is also great fun for kids. Who doesn’t like to pretend they are a spy, or James Bond?

Walkie talkies are a great unisex toy too; both girls and boys will enjoy the novelty of talking to someone from a distance, and you can get them in just about any colour and design, so your kids can personalise them. You may even find that a couple of walkie talkies can reduce the incidence of sibling rivalry; if your kids are playing together happily then they will almost always forget the fight!

Key considerations

When you’re shopping for the best walkie talkie for 5 year old, you need to be looking for a rugged model, that can stand up to a bit of dropping and rough handling. Most children are not especially careful with their toys, even their favourites, so a sturdy toy is essential, especially if it gets played with in the garden or out and about.

You also want a walkie talkie that actually works – there is nothing more disappointing than having a toy that doesn’t do what it says it will do.

You need a walkie talkie with a good range, that offers clear sounds and a strong signal, to avoid disappointment and frustration.

Multiple channels are always a good idea, so that even if they go out of range they can still hear each other by switching to another frequency.

Best Walkie Talkie For 5 Year Old: Reviews

1. Kearui Toys Walkie Talkies For Kids

These walkie talkies are sturdy, high quality, and a great unisex toy suitable for most ages. The can be used in or out of the house, and will offer a good sound and crisp voice replaying.

What we like about it:

  • Crisp, clear sound. There’s nothing worse than not being able to hear the person on the other end of the line, is there? This walkie talkie set is perfectly audible, and has an adjustable volume control too.
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor. This set is perfect for kids playing games in the house, as well as going on camping trips and expeditions out and about. These walkies are strong and durable, and so will stand up to any sort of playtime.
  • Long range coverage. These walkie talkies can transmit over three miles of terrain in the countryside and up to a mile in residential places, making them ideal for talking to your children from a long range.
  • Voice activated transmission. You can operate these walkie talkies hands free, when the VOX button is pressed. This means that you can communicate without having to press the PTT button, perfect for those times when you need to use a walkie talkie but your hands are busy.
  • Comes with a torch and belt clips. Having a flashlight built into the walkie talkie is not only a fun thing for your kids, but also a great added safety feature, just in case your kids ever get lost in the dark.

2. VTech KidiGear Walkie Talkies Outdoor

These walkie talkies double up as great toys to play with, as well as a good communication tool. They are simple and easy to use, and can be mastered and enjoyed by even some of the youngest little ones.

What we like about it:

  • Digital screen can send messages as well as communicating. This is a clever system that can be used almost as a mobile phone for sending short messages from walkie to walkie. As well as this, it has a few built in animations to keep little minds amused when the treasure hunt gets boring.
  • Range of up to 600 feet. You can use these walkie talkies very easily, and be able to hear the other end of, in and around the house, and at short distances from each other.
  • It has a selection of different voice effects. Your children can put on a huge range of different voices to talk to each other through their walkies; great for pranking fun!
  • Contains two player games. This is a great way to get kids involved with playing together, and for enhancing memory and playing skills. If they get bored of talking to each other, they can play games together – and they don’t even have to be in thee same room.
  • Well made and sturdy. These walkie talkies have good outer case protection, so they will survive the rigours of childhood with your little ones, and should manage to stay undamaged and intact at the same time!

3. Walkie Talkie Kids Long Range

This three pack of professional looking walkie talkies comes in funky colours, and is a perfect gift for three siblings (or for two siblings, with one as a spare in case one gets accidentally lost!)

What we like about it:

  • 3 miles of range. Your kids will be contactable for up to three miles, in a clear areas, with these walkie talkies. The range is slightly less in built up areas, but still impressive and should work from house to house.
  • Suitable for a wide range of ages. These walkie talkies are so simple to use that a three year old can grasp them, yet they are still fun and interesting enough for older children to continue to enjoy.
  • Small, lightweight and ergonomic. These talkies are the perfect size for small hands, light enough to be carried around all day, and feature a smooth design that is easy for small hands to grip.
  • Bright, easy to read screen. It’s easy to see what you’re doing with these clear, light screens – even if the spy games continue after dark! You can also use these bright screens as a night light.
  • Resistant to over a metre. Your kids can accidentally drop this model and it won’t shatter or be broken – it’s a good strong piece of kit.

4. Nestling Walkie Talkies 3 Pack

A multipack of walkie talkie that will keep your kids entertained for years to come. These are sturdy, strong walkie talkies, which they can use to chat to each other and to you.

What we like about it:

  • Makes the perfect gift for kids of any age. If you’re struggling for what to buy as a gift for a child, look no further. These walkie talkies will be a guaranteed sure fire hit for boys and girls of any age.
  • Suppresses background noise. When you’re talking on another channel, you don’t want outside noise drowning out your friends’ voices – this walkie talkie has an automatic “squelch” function that works well even in a noisy place.
  • Batteries last a while. You can take these walkie talkies on long missions into the wilderness, and they shouldn’t give up on you half way around (remember it’s always sensible to carry a few spare batteries!)
  • Different colours for identification. Perfect for more than one child, these walkie talkies can be easily identified by your child’s favourite colour.
  • Supports 8 main channels with subchannels. This means it should be easy to find a channel you can communicate on, even up to a three mile range.

5. Wishouse Kids Walkie Talkies

These walkie talkies are ideal for taking your kids on a camping trip, or for a longer than usual trip around the supermarket – they make an unusual and creative gift for any child in your life.

What we like about it:

  • Small enough to slip into a pocket. These walkie talkies are perfect for little hands; they can be easily used with one hand, by even the smallest hands. They are also super easy to use, and the youngest child will get the hang of it very quickly.
  • Comes in a durable cover. These walkie talkies can survive being dropped from almost a metre and a half, making them ideal for kids to play with, even the most rough and tumble types.
  • Offers confidence and security as well as fun. You can use these to communicate with your kids from a long way away, for example at a festival or a really long walk.
  • Built in flashlight. The torch addition is a very cool one; it allows the kids to continue to play after dark, and allows them to experience the dark in a different, fun way.
  • Offers three miles of communication and a really clear sound. Even from a long way away, you will still be able to hear voices crystal clear as if they were right beside you.

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