Over 90% of pre-school play is toy oriented, and research has proven that exposing a child to a stimulating environment, through properly selected toys can significantly fast-track development of cognitive capabilities. Furthermore, it is no secret that an ideal toy can bring untold joy to a child.

We find it utterly sad that some parents do not care much about the playthings they buy for their children. Many underestimate toy selection yet as research points out, it is crucial to mental growth and balanced development.

In fact, there are also opinions suggesting that toys can have a considerable impact on the eventual careers kids end up in and thinking about it, it actually makes a lot of sense.

Perfect toys are more than playthings; they are the fabric that makes special and amazing memories that go on to be remembered for entire lifetimes. Just as you can, even now, fondly remember the toy that most captivated you, we aspire to direct you in doing the same for your child.

It is with this in mind that we purpose to help parents choose perfect toys for their kids. Our goal is to assist caring parents in acquiring appropriate toys that spark imagination, stimulate mental growth, educate, and facilitate holistic child development.

More than that, we are committed to building a community around what we do. We believe that it is only in this manner that knowledge can be shared to the benefit of all. We, therefore, encourage and welcome any form of input from our readers. Feel free to share with us comments, recommendations, detailed toy reviews, pictures of play gadgets your children like and anything toy related.

Additionally, we go to great lengths to guarantee that all our recommendations are safe, educative, and above all fun. We only suggest toys of exceptional quality and design. Popularity is also a primary concern as well as durability and the extent to which a toy can stimulate mental activity.

In a nutshell, toy selection matters, and we are here to reduce the baggage of scouring through tons of toys to find the perfect one. It is also our hope that given time, we will get to all parents who hold toy selection in low regard and change their mentality.

– Nicky