Best Toys And Gift Ideas For 5 Year Old Boys That They Will Love

Kids often grasp the world around them through play. Toys form an essential link between their still-developing brains and the complicated environment around them. Those LEGO blocks and jigsaw puzzles fuel their curiosity and help them develop robust motor skills.

5 year old boys have already developed the motor coordination needed to handle most toys. They can stack blocks, draw squiggly shapes and even build mini-houses. At this age, the challenge is finding toys that are appropriate for their cognitive capacity while also challenging them both physically and mentally. We have 5 great suggestions you can buy today.

Best toys for 5 year old boys

1. Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer

Super Sounds Soccer


If you have a high-energy kid who never stops moving, this is the perfect toy. It is a mini-soccer setup that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It includes a small goal post, a plastic ball (though it is not very useful) and a scoring target with a goal sensor.

What we like about it – What we love most about it is the goal sound whenever the ball goes in. It makes for an interactive playtime. For a great experience, consider swapping the small plastic ball with a real kids’ soccer ball. Kids will have much more fun with it.

2. Cubes Art – Junior Chess Set for Kids

Junior Chess Set for Kids


When they are done jumping and kicking things around, it is time to sit down for a brainy game of junior chess. This chess set, made specially for kids 5 years and older, is a great introduction to chess. It manages to stay simple enough for their developing minds while still challenging them.

What we like about it – We love the parent-child tutorial that comes with the set. It guides parents on how to play this simplified form of chess with their kids. Another bonus: the chess board itself is a 9-piece jigsaw puzzle. Maybe they can use it as a warm up before the game.

3. Waitiee Durable kids Walkie Talkies

kids Walkie Talkies 2 mile Handheld Portable 2 Way Radio for Children Toy


Unlike older times when we fashioned pretend walkie talkies out of empty juice boxes, your kids will have more fun with these real walkie talkies. With a 2-mile range (and up to 3.7 miles outdoors), kids can have loads of adventures in your backyard. For more thrill, use them on your next camping trip.

What we like about it – We love the realistic look and features of these walkie talkies. They have eight channels with clear and crisp sound output. If you are going on an outdoor adventure, they can last up to 9 hours (less when used continuously) on just 3 AAA batteries.

4. LEGO Juniors 10667: Construction

LEGO Juniors 10667 Construction


LEGOs have always been the quintessential childhood toy, providing a mixture of mental and motor challenges to foster all-round development. This construction set takes your kid’s imagination even further. There is a crane and wrecking ball to knock down the wall, a construction truck and wheelbarrow to transport the bricks and a scaffolding to rebuild the wall.

What we like about it – We love the hands-on nature of this set. It engages kids, forcing them to be creative and put their hands to work. It is also versatile. The packaging box contains instructions on how to build two other models. If your boy loves everything construction-related, this is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

5. Wobble Deck

Wobble Deck


This is a bit of an unusual toy but certainly more fun than most. As the name suggests, the toy wobbles which requires the player to exercise balance and coordination. There are four games which test memory, balancing skill and agility. It can also be used as a handheld game.

What we like about it – We love how the toy mixes fun and learning into one incredibly thrilling game. It is especially good for younger kids (5 years and up) who are still developing their balance and memory power.

How we choose the top picks

With so many flashy toys available, picking the best ones for boys is a daunting task. We started by asking what 5 year old boys need in their toys. According to research, kids have developed much greater self-confidence and dependence at this age.

They are able to use language to better express themselves. Their motor development has come along nicely and they can do all sorts of physical activities without any problem. Additionally, their creativity is beginning to show. They can think through challenges and find solutions.

Our aim was to find toys that encourage further development in these areas. The toys needed to be simple enough for that age but also challenging enough to get kids thinking and playing hard. Most importantly, the toys needed to have the right balance of fun, physical skills and creativity.

With these requirements in mind, it was easier to narrow down our options. The 5 toys we have listed above were the final winners. They tick every box: fun, creative, improves motor skills, colourful and safe.

Things to consider when buying toys for your 5-year old

If you need to shop around for the best toys for your kids, use the same criteria we used. Find toys that mix various aspects to create wholesome playing experiences. Specifically, keep these three considerations in mind.

1. Fun

It goes without saying that kids’ toys should be fun. Too many toys are flashy without actually being fun. Kids get bored with them after just a few minutes. So don’t be tempted by the flashiest and most colourful gizmo.

Instead, find one that is interactive and engages kids. If all your kid needs to do is press a button, they will get bored pretty soon. A good toy should force a child to use his hands, brain and even legs if possible.

2. Learning

Learning should be baked into the fun such that kids don’t even notice it. The fun itself becomes a learning experience. Children learn how to balance on the Wobble Deck, they bring out their creativity on the Junior Chess set, learn how to aim with the mini-soccer setup, practice their language with the Walkie Talkies and sharpen their fine motor skills with the construction set.

3. Safe

The first thing you should check is the age limit. Buy a toy that is appropriate for your kid’s age. If the bits and pieces are small, pay extra attention when he is playing or just opt for another toy. You should also check that the materials used are safe and environmentally friendly. This is especially important when you consider that at one time or another, the toy will end up in his mouth.

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