What Are The Best Kids Watches On The UK Market?

Watches are great for kids. It’s essential to be able to know what time you have to be places (or in this case, what time your parents have to pick you up to take you places!) Having a watch can not only help your child with timekeeping once they’ve got the hang of it, but also can help them learn to tell the time better if they’re struggling to grasp the concept.

If something is fun and enjoyable, it is far more likely to stick in little minds, so make sure you buy an exciting watch that will make the whole process more interesting and exciting for them.

The best kids watches reviews

Here are a few of the best kids’ watches on the market today:

1. EasyRead Time Teacher ERW-COL-PT Watch

This is a really cute watch, with very helpful sections that show minutes to and minutes past the hour, and it even comes with a 3-step teaching system. It has a strong, durable nylon strap (which is washable, for the benefit of the parents!) The watch is water resistant, meaning that any amount of splashing through puddles or getting caught in the rain won’t damage it.

Why we love it – It’s a lovely colour as well as a really helpful time telling aid. It’s such a great way to help children tell the time, and will help them become more confident at doing so, and therefore much better at it.

2. Timex Girls’ Watch T89022

This is a fantastic watch for a little girl. It’s pretty, flowery, girly – as well as being a really useful and reliable tool for learning how to tell the time. The easy to read dial is clearly marked with the minutes, so it is specially designed to help with learning to tell the time. The band is elastic, so it will fit just about any wrist size, and will be certain to be comfortable.

Why we love it – Kids will be so happy with how the watch looks that they will take an instant interest in learning to tell the time, making the whole process easier, quicker and more enjoyable for all involved.

3. Timex Boys’ Analogue Quartz Watch with Nylon Strap TW7C25800

The perfect watch for a boy (or a tomboy girl!) this one has a camouflage strap to add to its appeal, as well as its helpful timekeeping aids. It is elastic and stretchy, so it will be super comfortable and won’t cause any irritation – an uncomfortable watch can put a child off watches for life. You can guarantee your child won’t want to take this one off. It is waterproof (but removing it in the bath is essential!)

Why we love it – It has the minutes marked out between the quarter hours, meaning kids will take an instant liking of telling the time – once it gets easier, it gets more fun.

4. Tyrannosaurus Rex Watch 3D Animals Multi Colour Easy To Read Clock

The T-Rex watch is suitable for younger children, with its fun design that all kids will love! The strap is a snap on silicone one, making it fun to put on and take off, as well as to use to tell the time. This strap also means that there will be no pinching or too tight fitting, so all kids will be happy to wear it. Just maybe take the watch away before bedtime so they’re not trying to tell the time when they’re supposed to be sleeping!

Why we love it – The watch also has glow in the dark hands, which will be a massive plus for young ones.

5. Ravel Glow In The Dark Children’s Army Watch With Action Secure Strap

The watch has a real army feel to it, with a camouflage strap and a chunky watch face. The big numbers will help to learn telling the time, and the glow in the dark parts of the watch face will make it fun at the same time too. It’s also very hardy, which makes it great for little boys who can get into all sorts of scrapes without even trying! The fact that this watch has an analogue face makes it the perfect tool for learning to tell time, so your little one can ensure they are on time wherever and whenever.

Why we love it – This fantastic watch is ideal for little boys who want to be bigger boys.

How we selected the kids watches

We have selected these products because of their fantastic ability to help children tell the time, as well as the attractiveness of the watches themselves. Kids love new, exciting items to wear, and these watches all fit that description perfectly!

We have looked for the products that are the best designed with timekeeping skills in mind – the larger numbers, the separations of the minutes between the hours, the most easy to read numerals – and also those that are best designed to appeal to children.

Novelty value is important when shopping for kids, so a glow in the dark face or hands on a watch, or a fancy strap that no one else has is bound to be an instant hit.

We have also looked for the watches that are parent friendly, making sure that we have selected products that are durable and high quality so they will last a long time, even in the hands of a small, careless child.

Final words

If you are thinking of buying a watch for a child, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, it is essential to think in terms of what children like. They are big fans of the interesting and the fun, not necessarily just the usefulness of an item.

You should also consider the personality of the child – are they a girly girl? A macho boy? A girl who likes the tomboy style? A boy who likes flowers?

All these things should be taken into consideration when you’re looking for the best kids’ watches. If you take your time and select something you know they will love, you are not only giving them a great gift but a very useful one that will help them learn a lifelong skill at the same time.

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