Best Sleeping Bags For Kids [Reviews + Recommendations]

If your kid has grown up to be the outdoorsy type, traipsing around outside every moment they get, consider getting them a sleeping bag. You can then expose them to even more fun outdoor adventures like hiking and camping while still keeping them safe and warm.

And even if your little one is not much for Mother Nature, a sleeping bag is a fun addition to sleepovers. With a little nudging, you can even encourage them to try some backyard camping.

When buying a sleeping bag for your kid, make sure it is well built and stays warm. Size is also an important factor. A good sleeping bag will protect your kid from the cold and bugs when they are 3 and keep doing it until they are 8 or 10 years old. In terms of comfort, the sleeping bag should feel no less cozy than their regular bed.

Best sleeping bags for kids

To save you time, here are 5 great kids’ sleeping bag recommendations.

1. Highlander Kids Sleephaven Sleeping Bag

Available in Fuchsia and Azure, the Sleephaven Sleeping Bag comes with extra stretching space to ensure maximum comfort. Whether your kid uses it indoors during sleepovers or burrows in it outside, the comfort level is uncompromised. The soft inner fabric ensures a cozy night and when morning comes, they can easily open the bag themselves using the anti-snag 2-way zip.

What we like about it – We love how spacious and comfortable this sleeping bag is. Kids won’t feel cramped when inside it. While the fabric is warm enough, it does not get overly hot during warm weather. So feel free to use it throughout summer and spring.

2. Marvel Spider-Man Junior ReadyBed

If your kid fantasizes about zipping through trees in a Spiderman suit, you’ve just found the perfect gift that combines their love for the outdoors and superpowers. This Spiderman themed sleeping bag will be the talk of all their sleepovers and camping trips. But it’s not just a sleeping bag. With the included pump you can transform it into a comfy airbed in a minute.

What we like about it – We absolutely love the versatility of this 2-in-1 sleeping bag. Whether your kid is feeling adventurous enough to camp outside on a sleeping bag or just wants a mini-bed on the floor during sleepovers, the Junior ReadyBed is perfect.

3. SPRAYWAY Energy 350 Kids Sleeping Bag

Summer, spring, autumn – this sleeping bag is perfect for all 3 seasons. When the weather gets chilly, there are a number of features to keep the kids warm and cozy. These include a shoulder baffle to retain heat, hollowfibre insulation and a thick hood. The sleeping bag is available in both blue and pink.

What we like about it – We love just how warm the sleeping bag is. It can get a bit too warm on some nights but not uncomfortably hot. During colder months, you can go camping confident that it can keep the chill out. The bag is long enough for 3 to 6 years olds.

4. Azuma Childrens Kids Junior Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Mummy sleeping bag comes in an array of colours such as black/red, pink/grey and blue/grey. Your little one can pick out his favourite colours. The bag itself is very lightweight, making it ideal for summer and spring camping. With the included stuff bag, you can let your kids carry their own sleeping bag.

What we like about it – We love the easy zip and Velcro closure. The zip does not snag and the Velcro ensures the top is secure from the cold and bugs. The interior polyester pongee lining is soft and cozy. The bag is big enough for kids as young as 4 years and up to 10 years.

5. Trespass Kid’s Bunka Sleeping Bag

The mummy shape of this sleeping bag provides a snug fit for kids of different ages (3 – 8 average age range). The hood is elastic to ensure your kid can stretch without feeling cramped. It consists of a soft cotton and polyester lining and a cushy polyester filling. It is ideal for summer and spring.

What we like about it – We love the mummy design. I’m sure most kids will love it too. Beyond the aesthetics, the sleeping bag is really comfortable and large enough that your kid will be using it for quite some time.

How we choose the best sleeping bags for kids

More brands than ever are selling outdoor gear for kids. So we had a whole lot of options to choose from. To pick the best, we focused on the most important features that can make or break your kid’s experience.

Our priority was comfort. We looked for sleeping bags that have a soft interior lining (ideally cotton or a mixture of cotton and polyester) and a similarly soft filling. We picked sleeping bags that properly retain heat when it’s cold but don’t get too hot when the temperatures go up.

Another major issue we looked at was safety of the sleeping bags. Most of the sleeping bags we have recommended have a tough nylon exterior which is ideal for keeping out the elements and anything crawling on the ground.

Finally, we looked at style. Kids love fun and brightly coloured designs. So we focused on fun designs such as Spiderman-themed sleeping bags and bright colours. We especially loved those brands that allow parents to pick from several different colour styles.

3 things you should consider when buying a kids sleeping bag

1. Temperature/season ratings

Before you order a sleeping bag, check its specifications for temperature and season ratings. These will tell you the ideal temperature range to use the bag in. They will also tell you during what seasons you can use the sleeping bag. Most sleeping bags are 2-season: summer and spring. If you plan to go camping in autumn or winter, look for a sleeping bag with 3 or 4 season rating.

2. Ease of use

Make sure you get a sleeping bag that the kids can easily operate on their own. Check for an anti-snag zip combined with easy-to-use Velcro closures. These make it easy for the kids to get in and out of the bag.

3. Weight

Don’t forget to check how heavy it is especially if you plan to go hiking or camping. The ideal sleeping bag weight is around 1kg. At this weight, your kid can carry his own sleeping bag without any problem.

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