Which Are The Best Farm Toys For Kids?

There is just something about the farmyard that attracts all kids. Who knows whether it is the muck; the wellies; the chance to run around with all the farm animals; the learning about all the different creatures; the chance to run their own farm, or the farm machinery – but something about the farm yard appeals to all children, the big ones and the small ones!

The best thing about a farm yard is being able to be there in person, of course, but if you live in a city, or a remote area that is far from the farmyard itself, then the best farmyard toys for kids is a great place to start, to make sure that your little ones have as much experience of the outside world as possible.

The best farm toys for kids can also encourage creative and imaginary play, as your kids will have to move the farm pieces around themselves and decide where they go and what they do – watching your children play at farms can be a rewarding and fun experience, and one that you know is enriching your kids’ brains.

Key considerations

  1. When you’re looking for the best farm toys for kids, stop and have a think about he child you are buying the toys for.
  2. Do they like the big tractors and farm machinery? Is it all about the animals? Or do they like the farm managing side of things, and would they like to be the ones organising who goes where and who does what?
  3. Once you’ve figured out your little ones’ interests, you will be in a better position to buy them the best farm toys for kids.
  4. Any toys you buy must also be age appropriate – it’s no good buying a huge, ride on tractor for a tiny 6 month old, or a matching card game that is suitable for a toddler to give to a teenager.

There are farm toys out there to suit all ages and all interests, and we have done some delving around the internet to find the best ones that are out there.

Best Farm Toys For Kids: Top 5 Reviews

1. Eichorn Farm 25 pcs

A classic wooden farm that your little ones will love, this one will provide hours of farm entertainment and fun! Also, it will last for years and years, due to its solid construction.

What we like about it:

  • A great level of detail. The fact that this farm is very true to life will delight little people, and help them really get into creative, immersive play. Making it authentic will help your children enjoy the experience even more.
  • High quality construction. This farm set is made from wood, which means that it is environmentally friendly as well as strong and durable and long lasting. This is a toy that can be passed from generation to generation!
  • Features both animals and people. Your little ones can enjoy playing with the animals, as well as placing the farm workers to feed the animals, harvest the crops, and do all the jobs around the farm.
  • Great for encouraging imagination. Your youngsters can play all sorts of imaginary games with this farm set, and it will encourage their creativity and imaginary play. This is very important for brain development.
  • Suitable for a young age. You can give this farm set to children as young as three, and it is suitable for older children too, meaning that it will be a favourite in their toy box for many years to come.

2. Le Toy Van TV410 Educational Farms & Animals Collection

This farm set is filled with creatures, people, and features a highly detailed farm set up including fences and barns, for a really authentic farm experience to enrich playtime.

What we like about it:

  • Comes with a great selection of figures. From cows to pigs, sheep to horses, this farm set contains just about every farm creature your little ones could ever want, which makes it a realistic farm experience.
  • Excellent for interactive play. Getting involved in imaginary play time is good for encouraging your children to learn creativity, and the fact that this is a large set means that it’s also good at encouraging turn taking.
  • Safe for children. The farm and animals are made from wood, and painted with non toxic colours so that this one is perfect for young children – even those that have a thing about putting toys in their mouths!
  • A toy with longevity. This farm set is strong, sturdy and well made, so it can be played with over and over (and over!) again, by children from all ages, making it a great investment for the future.
  • Non gendered toy. Whether you have boys or girls, they will love playing with this farm set, making this a very inclusive and versatile toy that is a suitable gift for any youngster – as long as they love farms.

3. Britains 1:32 Animal Farm Building Playset

A great set for involving children in the joys of farming. This farm kit is comprehensive, detailed, true to life, and a great addition to any little one’s toy box!

What we like about it:

  • Made by a well known, trusted manufacturer. Britains is a loved brand, that have been specialising in farm toys for kids for generations, so you know your little ones will be in safe hands.
  • Compatible with other sets. This farm toy can be used with other Britains farm toys, and you can be sure that the scales are right so one animal will not look unusually large or ridiculously small next to another!
  • Easy to assemble. Your youngsters will not be frustrated or need a lot of adult intervention to put this farm together – the Easy-Click assembly system will make it simple for them to build their own fences.
  • Long lasting, durable construction. The animals, people and fences re made from plastic, so they will not rust or break and should last for a long time to come – this set can also be passed down to younger children, as plastic is a long lived material.
  • Comes with people as well as animals. You can add a farmer to this set, to make the farming experience more authentic, or you can just play with the animals – imagination is your only limit!

4. Van Manen Kids 610188 Globe Farming Farm

A great set for the horse mad youngster in your life. Kids who love horses, whether boys or girls, will love this farm toy that will help them to develop their imaginary play.

What we like about it:

  • Practical folding roof. This feature means that your little ones can play with the farm from above as well as inserting the horses into their stables from ground level.
  • Doors and windows can be opened. This makes the whole experience much more authentic, and means that your little ones can see the horses from all the different angles.
  • Quality wood construction. The fact that this set is made from wood makes it a more attractive prospect; wood lasts a very long time and it is good for the environment too.
  • Large enough for up to 9 horses. For the horse farmer who loves their livestock, this is the perfect investment – you can fit 9 horses into this barn, and enjoy looking at them and playing with them.
  • Sturdy and heavy duty toy. This toy will last for generations to come, thanks to its design and construction. It can withstand the bumps and knocks of rough play, and will not get damaged or broken.

5. Melissa & Doug Wooden Fold & Go Barn

This is a great toy for kids who love farms and animals. It comes with its own creatures, plus it’s portable and convenient to fold away after play time in the evening. Great for tidying up time!

What we like about it:

  • Foldable and easy to take around with you. This farm is easily portable, as it opens and out folds back down again, so it’s great to take to sleepovers and Grandma’s house.
  • Comes with farm animals. This is not just a farm barn; it comes with a few animals too, that you can place into the compartments to “sleep”, or to play, or to just hop from one to the other.
  • Made by a trusted, loved brand. Melissa & Doug have been making quality toys for a long time, which means they know what’s what and how to make good toys that are quality.
  • Comes with a fence. As well as the farm animals, you will receive a wooden fence to keep them all in, so your youngsters can place the animals in the barn or into their fields.
  • Great for imaginary play. This farm set can help your children enact their favourite games with their favourite farm creatures, and place them where they want them for creative play.

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