How To Choose The Best Face Paint For Kids

Who doesn’t love face paint? Whether it’s for a party, at a festival, or just a Sunday afternoon in the garden, kids love dressing up and pretending to be something else. Painting their faces can really get them into the part – and they can literally be anything!

A tiger, a superhero, a rabbit, a goat, a cartoon character – whatever your children’s favourite thing is can be painted onto their faces easily and quickly (with the added bonus of being able to be washed off!) Face paint can really get their imaginations going and encourage creative play, and they will love showing their new identity to friends and family.

The best face paint for kids, if you get it done by a professional, can end up being quite expensive. Instead, how about you buy your own paints to use at home? This means you will be spending barely a fraction of the money, and always having the ability to paint your kids’ faces whenever they fancy.

Key considerations

When you’re looking for the best face paint for kids, it pays to search out a really good kit, with lots of colours that can be blended together to make other shades, and so that you are never short of just the right colour to turn your little one into a squirrel, or whatever they want to be.

As it is a paint that is going on their face, and it’s a product for kids, it’s absolutely essential to make sure that the whole product is safe and non toxic.

You can find face paints that come with stencils, so if you are not sure of your own artistic capabilities, you can at least paint a butterfly or a tractor onto their faces!

Many face painting kits also come with instructions, or access to an app that can help you learn different designs and techniques too, so you can make your face painting look truly professional.

Best Face Paint For Kids: Reviews

1. Face Paint Set For Kids

This large selection of face paints comes with an impressive palette of different colours, along with some other bits of equipment that will make your face painting look as though it was done by an experienced, qualified, face painting artist.

What we like about it:

  • It comes with brushes and stencils. Having a few added extras in your kit to help you into the world of face painting is very helpful, and means you can experiment with different styles and techniques as you learn.
  • Bright, vivid colours. Your little ones will really stand out with this paint on their faces! It is also easy to blend the colours together to create different effects and shades.
  • Easily removable. Although these paints are long lasting on your child’s skin and will not rub or flake off, they are all water based which means you can wash them off with soap and water – no need for scrubbing or harsh removers.
  • They are totally safe. The paints in this kit have been thoroughly tested and are FDA approved, meaning that they are completely safe for your kids. They are also vegan and Paraben free, so you can smother your children with them without a care in the world.
  • Perfect for parties. You can be the hit of your child’s birthday party with these face paints, as there is enough in it to paint over 100 faces. We’re not saying you have to paint all 100 though – that may be a bit much for one day!

2. Snazaroo 1180100 Ultimate Party Pack, Multicoloured

A great face painting kit which is perfect for getting into the art of decorating your youngsters with whatever they want to be that day. It also comes with a handy guide to teach you different face painting techniques and ideas.

What we like about it:

  • Suitable for sensitive skin. These paints are suitable for the most delicate faces, and can be applied to just about any skin. That being said, you should always take extra care for children with eczema and other skin issues, and do a patch test first.
  • Water based, so easy to wash. You don’t have to scrub your children’s faces, damage them with harsh removers, or put up with a multicoloured child for weeks on end – these paints are easy to wash off.
  • Contains glitter paints. Glitter is a great fun accessory for kids, and to have it included in a face painting palette will take their painted faces to the next level.
  • Mixing palette, brushes and sponges included. These tools all create different effects, so having them included in the kit can help you make a variety of faces depending on what your child wants.
  • Handy storage box. You can keep all the paints safe and secure in their own box when you’re not using them, meaning that they won’t get damaged or wasted and will last longer.

3. Blue Squid Face Paints For Kids 193 Pieces

A simple face painting kit with a great selection of colours, plus some handy extras to make your face painting career much easier, and help you get better at it quickly.

What we like about it:

  • Perfect for parties. You can get this set out at any large gathering of small children, and you will find yourself swarmed by pirates, princesses, and just about any other creature you could imagine.
  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. Although you should always do a patch test first, you can be pretty much certain that this kit will be suitable for all kids, even the ones who may have skin issues.
  • Smooth, easy to work with paint. The paints in this kit are easy to blend, and they are in no way messy or runny, so the paint will stay on the faces and not all over your furniture!
  • Contained in a sturdy box. You can keep your face paints safe from damage and getting broken or dirty, by storing them all in their solid box that will keep them secure.
  • Comes off easily. These face paints are water based, meaning that all they need to remove them is a soapy wash cloth and some water to rinse.

4. Face Paint Kit For Kids

A great face painting kit, that contains a lot of different colours, and colours that can be mixed together to create new colours. You can use this kit to create over 100 different faces!

What we like about it:

  • Great for increasing imagination. Painting their faces can really help your children act out their inner fantasies, thus improving creative play.
  • Cruelty free and suitable for delicate skin. These paints have not been tested on animals, which is always a plus. Also they are 100% vegan, free from Parabens and toxic materials, meaning that they are ideal for all skin types.
  • High quality paints. You can use these paints with very little water and still get a bright, vibrant colour. As well as looking great, this means that the paints will last longer than most.
  • Comes with brushes and stencils. If you aren’t ready to paint a whole face from scratch, you can use the included stencils, and the brushes are suitable for different levels of detail.
  • Instant access to online ideas. When you buy from this company, you’ll be given the bonus of some great ideas and step by step guides to help you and your children on your face painting journey.

5. Craft Pro Face Paint 54 Pieces

This is a serious kit, with a huge selection of colours and shades, all of which are high quality and easy to apply. You’ll be a professional in no time with this face painting kit!

What we like about it:

  • Deep, rich colours. These paints have strong pigmentation, so they will really stand out on the face, and they have great coverage, so the whole set should last a long time and be good value for money.
  • 6 different applicators. You can use the brushes and sponges included in this kit to create really detailed effects, and to make a range of different looks.
  • Lightweight and portable. You can take this kit out and about with you, as it comes in its own handy carry case, which is strong enough that it won’t get damaged and leak paints all over your bag. This also means it is ideal for taking to parties with you!
  • Lasts on the skin for a long time. Unlike some face paints, these will stay perfect on the skin until they are washed off, and they will not itch the skin or flake off before they’re washed.
  • Perfect for adults and kids. You can use these face paints for a children’s party, or for cosplay, or decorating a baby bump – every age group and every interest is catered for with this comprehensive kit.

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