What Is The Best Ultimate Frisbee Disc On The UK Market?

Ultimate Frisbee is a demanding sport that requires fitness, speed and focus. It’s also lots of fun.

If you are looking for a sport that’s safe and fun for your kids, Ultimate Frisbee is a great choice. You can enjoy it in your backyard or at the park.

Like with any other sport, it’s important to choose the right equipment, in this case the flying disc.

Small differences in diameter, weight, weight distribution and overall design can make a big difference in how easy the disc is to throw and how well it flies.

In this buying guide, we review the best Ultimate Frisbee discs for family fun.

But first, some things to look for when shopping for a Frisbee disc.

What to consider when choosing an Ultimate Frisbee Disc

a) Size

The first thing to check is the diameter of the disc. A larger disk will fly differently from a smaller one. It’ll weigh more, meaning it needs more force to throw and flies further.

Casual play Frisbee range in size between 20cm and 25cm. But most Ultimate Frisbees are 27.5cm in diameter or around 10.8 inches.

This gives them more lift and power, resulting in a longer throw and more time in the air.

b) Weight

Weight is another factor that greatly affects the flight physics of a Frisbee.

A good disc should have some weight to fly through the wind but not too heavy that it requires a lot of force to throw.

A too-heavy disc may also have reduced reach and airtime.

The standard weight for regulation play Ultimate Frisbee discs is 175 grams. Look for discs that weigh around that much when shopping.

c) Design

Check the overall design of the disc. Important design aspects include:

  • Grip: The edge of the disc should be easy to grip. This is especially important if you are getting the Frisbees for your kids.
  • Weight distribution: Some Frisbee discs distribute more weight along the edges to improve aerodynamics. Some Frisbees even get rid of the centre completely, turning into a high and far flying Frisbee ring.
  • Curvature: The overall design and curvature of the disc affects its precision and stability. Look for discs designed for easy throwing and increased stability. This provides a wider margin for error, which is important for beginners and kids.

d) Style/Aesthetics

Finally, consider the aesthetics.

Frisbee discs come in all sorts of styles and colours. You can get multi-coloured discs or discs with a specific shape, pattern or drawing.

Another option is reflective discs that look awesome in sunlight or discs that glow at night. Your kids will love it.

Best Ultimate Frisbee Disc Reviews

1. Discraft Ultimate Frisbee “Starburst”

This is the official Frisbee disc for the USA Ultimate Championship Series. So you can be sure it’s designed for ultimate performance.

It’s engineered for optimal aerodynamics even in the hands of kids and amateurs. Even with a slightly off throw, it stays stable in the air and flies in a smooth arc.

A contoured grip improves throwing precision and allows you to apply more force in your throw.

Being an official play disc, the Discraft Starburst disc meets official size and weight standards. It is 175g heavy and 27.5cm in diameter.

It’s light enough even for older kids to throw but also heavy enough to withstand some light wind and rain.

The disc is white with a beautiful Startburst design at the front.

It’s available in two pack options: a 2-pack and a 3-pack.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to grip and throw.
  • Flies smooth and far.
  • Stable even when it’s fairly windy.
  • Made from durable plastic.

2. Schildkroet-Funsports 970032 Aerobie Super Disc

If you are looking for a cheap Frisbee disc, we recommend the Aerobie Super Disc. It’s perfect for casual play with your friends or family.

It’s even safe for dogs.

The design is a bit different from most Frisbee discs. The centre of the disc has a plastic feel while the rim is soft rubber.

This has three advantages.

It gives you a firmer grip on the disc, allowing you to throw with more force and precision.

It also makes for a less stinging catch. Kids and pets can catch the disc without feeling pain or getting injured.

A third advantage is durability. The disc doesn’t crack when it hits concrete or the ground.

The disc is designed to be very beginner-friendly. Unlike most discs, it doesn’t roll to the left or right when you throw it.

The spoiler rim keeps centre of mass at the centre of the disc, which increases stability and allows the disc to fly smoothly no matter which hand you throw with.

In fact, many customers say this is the first disc with which they’ve been able to successfully throw a forehand.

The disc doesn’t fly too far, which is a big plus for casual players. Most professional Frisbee discs fly with too much power and end up trapped in a tree or over the fence in your neighbour’s yard.

Overall, this is the best Ultimate Frisbee disc for kids, pets and casual players who are looking for something that’s easy to play with.

You can play in your backyard, at the park or at the beach (the Aerobie Super disc floats in water).

The disc is 25cm in diameter and weighs 160g. It’s available in different colours but you can’t select a specific colour when ordering.

But you can add a note to your order requesting a specific colour, though it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get it.

What we like about it:

  • Beginner-friendly.
  • It’s ideal for all ages and sizes. You can also use it with friends or your dog.
  • Very stable in air.
  • The rubbery edge doesn’t get damaged when it hits hard surfaces.

3. Eurodisc Ultimate Frisbee Competition Disc SUMMER

Eurodisc Ultimate Frisbee competition disc

This is another good option if you are looking for a Frisbee disc that meets professional play standards.

Similar to other official play discs, the Eurodisc Summer weighs 175g and has a diameter of 27.5cm. The manufacturer claims it has been tested by professional players and is recommended by the German Frisbeesport Association.

The disc is designed to stay stable even in slightly windy conditions. It can fly smoothly over 100m.

The contoured grip allows you to precisely control your throws. You can practice different techniques like left and right curves or overhead throws.

As for aesthetics, the disc features a bright multicolour design with rings of red, yellow, blue and white. As a bonus, the multi-coloured design greatly improves visibility when playing.

Like the other Eurodisc Frisbee disc we’ve reviewed above, this one is also made from organic recycled materials.

What we like about it:

  • Safe for the environment – made from recycled materials.
  • Easy to grip and throw.
  • Stays stable and flies far.
  • Beautiful design that also provides good visibility in the air.

4. Eurodisc Ultimate Frisbee Competition Disc

Eurodisc 175 g 4.0 ultimate frisbee competition disc

If you are concerned about all the plastics that are destroying the environment, this Frisbee disc lets you play some role in environmental conservation.

It’s made from 100% renewable materials, the only disc on this list that can claim being ‘green’. Not only that, the plastic is also organic. Even when disposed, it will decompose after some time.

Even the aesthetics are environmental themed.

The disc features an octopus on the front with the inscription ‘Save the Planet’.

While the Discraft Ultimate Frisbee “Starburst” boasts being the official disc in the US, the Eurodisc is the official disc for the European Ultimate Federation and the German Frisbeesport Association.

But the size and weight are similar to the Discraft disc. It’s 175g heavy and 27.5cm in diameter.

An aerodynamic design makes it very stable in the air, allowing it to fly over longer distances before it drops.

A curved lip gives you a sturdy grip. This gives you more control over the force and curve of your throw. It’s great for practicing different types of throws and curves.

What we like about it:

  • Aerodynamic engineering gives it precision and stability.
  • Flies high and far.
  • Made from organic recycled materials.
  • Beautiful ocean-themed design.

5. Discraft Ultra Star GHOST NIGHT GLOW

Looking for a disc that’s a bit flashier? The Discraft Ultra Star GHOST NIGHT GLOW features a ghostly reflective design on the surface that looks great when it catches sunlight.

Other than the decorations, the design and size is the same as other Discraft Ultimate Frisbee discs. It weighs 175g and is 27.5cm in diameter.

What we like about it:

  • Beautiful design that will delight your kids.
  • Easy to grip and throw.
  • Stays stable in the air.

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