What Is The Best Football Rebounder On The UK Market?

Football rebounders are a favourite tool for pro footballers who want to practice various moves. They are also great for kids to use at home for playing or training.

A football rebounder consists of a springy slanting net set within a metal frame. Some rebounders have double sides with sprung nets on both sides.

The rebounder mimics a pass or shot from another player. You hit or throw the ball towards the net and it bounces back.

Most rebounders allow you to adjust the angle of the net to vary how the ball bounces back.

Rebounders are typically used for football training but most can also be used for other ball sports like cricket, hockey, lacrosse and tennis.

Benefits of a Football Rebounder

  • Improves reaction time.
  • In football training, a rebounder improves the player’s first touch using their foot, knee, thighs, chest or head.
  • Improves shot and passing accuracy.
  • Allows practice of shots and passes using weaker foot.

For kids without access to a training club, a football rebounder is like their own personal coach. They can have fun and practice at their own pace without any pressure.

A football rebounder can be especially helpful for early training for kids who hope to move up to professional football later.

What to Consider When Choosing a Football Rebounder

a) Size

Football rebounders can be as small as 75 x 75cm as large as 2 x 2m or larger.

The ideal size depends on kid’s age, the number of kids and the amount of playing space you have.

For small kids, a 1m by 1m rebounder, or a size close to that, is big enough. For older kids, a larger net provides a wider surface area to practice on.

Note that larger rebounders generally cost more. So budget is also a factor when choosing the right size.

If you have the space and the budget, a larger football rebounder is better. It allows more versatility in practice and can keep up as your child grows.

b) Single or Double Sided

A double-sided football rebounder has a sprung net on both sides while a single rebounder has the net only on one side.

A double-sided football rebounder is ideal if you have two kids. They can both practice at the same time.

However, a two-sided rebounder will cost you more.

c) Adjustable Angle

We highly recommend buying an adjustable football rebounder. That is, you can change the angle of the net.

Varying the net angle allows the player to practice different scenarios since the ball will bounce back differently at different angles.

d) Durability

Look for a football rebounder with a rust and corrosion resistant steel or iron frame. This ensures the rebounder will last for years without warping or breaking.

The net itself should also be well made and long lasting. It should withstand daily use without losing tension or snapping.

Avoid suspiciously cheap football rebounders. You may some money in the beginning but you’ll likely be shopping for a new rebounder after just a few months.

e) Ease of Storage and Portability

If you are planning to use the rebounder in different places, make sure it’s easy to carry. It should have a foldable design that flattens into an easy-to-carry pack.

A foldable football rebounder also makes storage easy. You can store it under the bed or behind the door when it’s not in use.

Best Football Rebounder Reviews

1. GYMAX Double Sided Football Rebounder

This is one of the best double-sided football rebounders for kids. Each side is 1m by 1m, providing plenty of space to practice different moves.

Using an adjusting knob on the iron frame, you can change the slant angle of each net to create a range of realistic situations.

The net itself is a heavy-duty material with excellent tension. The ball bounces back easily with minimal loss in energy and speed.

The GYMAX rebounder is perfect for football and a variety of other ball games. Lacrosse players rate it highly for practice. It’s also good for softball, hockey and baseball.

Because of its compact size, the GYMAX rebounder is ideal for small backyards. You can also set it up inside the house.

It comes with four pins to anchor it to the ground. But in most cases you don’t need to use them. Most kids can use it without causing it to slide.

If it slides a little, you can push it against a wall.

The anchoring pins are handy when two kids are using both sides of the rebounder.

When they are done playing, the rebounder conveniently folds into a flat pack, making it easy to store. It’s also easy to carry when you want to go play in the park or a friend’s house.

What we like about it:

  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Versatile – ideal for different ball sports.
  • Compact and easy to carry or store.
  • Adjustable angle.

2. RapidFire Rebound Net, Single/Double Sided

This is another good choice if you are looking for a compact and lightweight net.

You can quickly set it up in the backyard or indoors. When not in use, you can fold it flat. The lightweight frame and net make it easy to carry to the park or when travelling.

The RapidFire rebound net comes in single and double sided options. Get the latter if you have two kids or if your kid often plays with a friend. It’ll allow them to use the rebounder at the same time.

With both options, you can adjust the angle of the net to meet your practice needs. A low almost-flat angle produces a higher rebound while a high almost-vertical angle is good for practicing low passes and shots.

The net consists of a high-tension spring loaded mesh. It bounces the ball back with minimal loss of speed.

Both the net and the frame are strong enough to withstand daily use without breaking.

While the manufacturer labels it as a football rebounder, you can use it to practice a wide variety of ball games including baseball, tennis and lacrosse.

What we like about it:

  • Compact – easily fits in a small backyard or indoors.
  • Highly portable.
  • Adjustable angle.
  • Sturdy.

3. QUICKPLAY PRO Rebounder

The QuickPlay Pro features a dual angle rebounder net. No, it’s not two-sided. Rather, the net at the front has two angled panels.

The upper panel is perfect for practicing passes and shots high in the air. You can practice goalkeeping and first touches using the head and chest.

The lower angled panel allows you to practice low and ground passes. It deflects the ball downwards when it rebounds.

We highly recommend the QuickPlay Pro for young players who want to do some serious football training. The QuickPlay rebounder gives you a more challenging and realistic practice environment than most other rebounders.

It’s available in three sizes: 3’ by 3’ (91.4 x 91.4cm), 5’ by 5’ (152.4 x 152.4cm) and 7’ by 7’ (213.4 x 213.4cm).

The 3’ by 3’ is ideal for young players who are just starting out. For older and more advanced players, the 5ft and 7ft rebounders are perfect.

The heavy duty net and the steel frame ensure the rebounder will last for years without losing tension or breaking.

Assembling the rebounder is easy and quick. You can set it up on any surface, both indoors and outdoors. The rubber pads at the bottom keep it in place and ensure it doesn’t scratch the floor when being used indoors.

What we like about it:

  • Brilliant dual angle net design.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Three size options.
  • Easy to set up on any kind of surface.

4. GYMAX Football Training Net Pro Rebounder

This one is a good choice if you are looking for a budget football rebounder. It measures a metre long on all sides, making it perfect for young players.

Depending on your needs, you can select the red single-sided rebounder or the blue double-sided one. Both are cheaper than all other rebounders on this list.

Despite the lower price tag, the rebounder feels sturdy and well made. The powder coated steel frame can take lots of punishment without any damage. The powder coating keeps out rust and corrosion, making the rebounder ideal for use in all kinds of weather.

Though not as heavy duty as pricier rebounders, it’ll still last quite some time until your kid is ready to move on to a bigger rebounder.

The blue double-sided rebounder is sturdier than the single-sided one. Instead of steel tubing, it features a more durable iron frame that can withstand two players.

Both rebounders are fairly lightweight. This is good for portability but can be a problem when playing. They slide easily when hit by the ball.

You can use ground pegs to secure the rebounder to the lawn, push the rebounder against a wall or place some weights at the bottom.

Both rebounders have adjustable nets to provide different challenges.

When not in use, you can flatten the rebounder for easy storage.

What we like about it:

  • Cheaper than most rebounders.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Adjustable angle.

5. The Soccer Store Football Rebounder Net

This one comes in two single-sided size options. A mini 75cm by 75cm rebounder for young kids and a larger 1m by 1m rebounder.

Both are fairly affordable though still more expensive than the GYMAX Net Pro.

Both sizes come with a free high quality football.

The rebounder is easy to set up. Because of the small size, it’s perfect for small backyards or indoors. You don’t need any tools to assemble it.

The rubber feet protect your floor when you set it up indoors. When used on the lawn or driveway, they provide traction to keep the rebounder in place.

The net is attached to steel tension springs set into the frame. This gives the net excellent rebound performance and ensures it retains tensions for longer.

The frame itself is very sturdy. It’s made from steel, so it can withstand daily use without any problem.

When they are done playing, the rebounder is easy to fold flat for storage. It also fits in the trunk of most cars if you are planning to take it to the park or take it with you on camping trips (it’s an excellent camping toy for kids).

What we like about it:

  • High quality construction – rebounds the ball well and is guaranteed to last long.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Rubber feet allow safe use on any surface.
  • Folds flat for easy storage or transport.

Did you like any of these products? Have you got any particular experience with any of them? Please leave a comment below. And for more guides about kids and football, check out our latest articles here.

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