Best Bouncy Castles For Kids [Reviews + Recommendations]

More and more parents are opting to buy a bouncy castle rather than renting one every time there is a special occasion. With your own bouncy castle at home, your kids no longer have to wait until their birthday or you take them to the park. They can jump up and down as much as they want and without having to share with dozens of other kids.

While the park may have an attendant keeping an eye on the kids, at home you are the one to make sure your kids are safe. It begins by buying the right bouncy castle. Make sure you buy a quality product that is safe and will last long. We have five great recommendations and then a brief guide to help you make the best purchase.

1. 12 x 9ft Turret Kids Bouncy Castle with Airflow Fan

The castle is made from tough PVC and double-laminated nylon to provide extra durability. An electric blower keeps the castle inflated and ensures it does not collapse even if a hole accidentally develops in the material. The bouncy castle is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

What we like about it – There is a whole lot of fun awaiting kids inside this colourful castle. The entrance itself, which also serves as the exit, is a fun slide. Inside, they can jump and play around without any worry of falling thanks to the netting that surrounds the bouncy castle.

2. Homcom Kids Bouncy Castle

For durability and safety, the material used is fire-resistant, water resistant and puncture-resistant. It is double stitched to prevent any tears no matter how rough your kids are. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses.

It is designed for 3-10 years olds with a recommended maximum of 3 kids playing in it at a time.

What we like about it – If you have a medium-sized garden at home, the Homcom bouncy castle is the perfect addition. It has an open design, allowing you to keep an eye on your kids inside. A surrounding net keeps them safely within the castle. A slide at the front provides even more fun.

3. BeBop Wild Splash Bouncy Castle

For durability, it is made from tough PVC and laminated nylon. A blower fan keeps it safely inflated while small pinholes in the material help balance the pressure by letting the air out. Even if a hole or tear were to develop, the castle will not suddenly collapse on your kids.

A storage bag, anchor pegs for setup, water tube and repair kit are included along with the castle. The recommended age range is 3-10 years.

What we like about it – If you want something grander and three times the fun, the BeBop bouncy castle is perfect. In addition to a bouncy castle, it also has a water slide, a water cannon, a wall and a water spray.

4. Duplay 12ft Turret Bouncy Castle

This is a medium sized bouncy castle that can be used inside or outside. It inflates in a minute and can stay inflated even if there are holes in the material. A PVC and laminated nylon material ensures safety and durability.

What we like about it – A slide at the front adds more fun to the castle while side netting keeps the kids from falling out. When they are done playing, it folds into a compact shape that you can easily put in a bag for storage or traveling.

5. AirFlow Bouncy Castle

The AirFlow is smaller than other recommendations on this list and lacks a slide. The PVC and nylon material provides extra hardiness and durability, ensuring kids will play this castle for years.

What we like about it – It’s perfect for those with limited indoor or garden space. It can be set up just about anywhere there is some space. The side netting provides safety as kids jump about. It also helps keeps any balls inside.

How we choose the best bouncy castles for kids

Many manufacturers have started producing smaller non-commercial bouncy castles for home use. So there were numerous options to choose from. To narrow down to the final recommendations, we focused on three important factors: safety, ease of use and extra features.

Safety was our priority concern. We specifically looked for castles that are made using a tough material, have safety side netting and have a good track record with customers. All our recommendations above will keep your kids safe as they have fun.

Ease of use was also very important. We choose bouncy castles that are easy to setup and take down. Most of the above castles even come with a set up and repair kit included.

Finally, we choose a couple of castles that provide extra features such as a water cannon and slides.

Factors to consider when buying a bouncy castle

Whether you choose one of our recommendations above or decide to keep searching, there are several things to keep in mind when choosing the best bouncy castle.

  • Safety and durability – check the material used in making the castle. PVC and nylon are ideal. Also check whether the material has been double-stitched for added strength. Of course the castle should include netting for protection.
  • Portability and ease of setup – A bouncy castle should be easy to carry by hand when folded. Some sellers even provided storage bags for easier transportation. It’s also a good idea to check the setup instructions before buying. Don’t buy something and then later find you have to spend more money to hire a professional to set it up for you.
  • Fun – most importantly, make sure that the bouncy castle will be fun to play in. This is why I prefer castles with extra play features such as slides even if they are a little bit pricier. When kids get bored of jumping up and down, they can move to something else and I can enjoy even more time to myself.

One thing you should note is that most of these slides are non-commercial. They are made for use at home and have specific instructions on usage such as weight limit. Make sure you read the instructions before inflating it and do not hire it out for commercial use.

Find the best bouncy castle for your situation and budget and give your kids a fun, bouncy summer.

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