What Are The Best Camping Games For Kids?

When you are going camping with kids, don’t just pack the essentials. Include a few games and toys for your kids as well.

It’s easy for kids to get bored, no matter how beautiful the outdoors. And bored kids will drive you crazy.

Having camping-friendly games ensures you can all have a fun time without anyone losing their sanity. As a bonus, some of these games are great for family bonding.

What to consider when buying Camping Games for Kids

a. Outdoor and travel friendly

Don’t buy anything that is too heavy or bulky. You already have a lot of stuff you need to carry for camping so space will be limited.

Compact and foldable games are the best.

Also, make sure some of the games can be played outdoors, where you’ll be spending most of your time.

But you can also include a few indoor games that you can play inside the tent in the evening or when the weather is not ideal to be outside.

b. No batteries required

It’s okay to have one or two games that require batteries.

But most of the games you pack should not require batteries. This ensures they can enjoy them without worrying about dead batteries.

If you really need to carry a battery-powered game, make sure you have some extra batteries.

c. Interactive and physically-active games

Camping is an opportunity for the family to bond and for the kids to experience the outdoors.

Buy games that will help you achieve these goals.

One, look for interactive games that require several people to participate. It can be the whole family or just the kids having fun together.

It makes the whole adventure so much more fun. Some good examples include scavenger hunts, board games and wooden blocks.

But feel free to include a couple of games for solo play. You also need time to relax and enjoy the sunset as the kids play on their own.

Two, get games that involve plenty of moving about.

Not only are they more fun, they’ll ensure your kids get tired and sleep easier at night. Some good ideas include bikes, ball games and treasure hunts.

d. Include crafts

Pack a small crafts kit with paper, scissors, markers and glue. They will keep your kids busy in the car and at the camping site.

Don’t forget that you can also do crafts using natural objects like leaves, rocks and dry sticks. It’s a great opportunity for kids to exercise some creativity.

e. A few are enough

Even if you are going camping for several days, you don’t need loads of toys. There are plenty of camping games you can play without toys.

In any case, you probably won’t have space for all of them.

Some awesome games and activities you can enjoy without toys include campfire stories, cloud watching and scavenger hunts involving things like rocks, pinecones and bird feathers.

Best Camping Games for Kids reviews

1. GoTrovo Treasure Hunt Game

This treasure hunt game that can be played by as many as 20 people. It’s perfect for family or group camping.

It consists of 100 reusable cards, a gold treasure bar, gold coins that go into a loot bag and a double-sided treasure map.

The best part of this treasure hunt is the versatility. There are countless ways you can play it, ensuring your kids never get bored.

Using the 100 cards, you can set up a new treasure hunt every time you play. The map is super easy to use. There are words, pictures and riddles to help kids hunt down the treasure.

The cards are waterproof so you can set them up anywhere outdoors without damaging them.

At the end of the treasure hunt, they get the gold coins or treasure bar as reward. You can also hide your own treats in the treasure bar box.

The game is also very versatile in terms of age. The clues are easy enough for kids as young as 4 yet still fun for older kids of around 8.

What we like about it:

  • Incredibly fun for kids of different ages.
  • Versatile – you can set up many different kinds of treasure hunts.
  • Well-made map and re-usable cards – long lasting and outdoor friendly.

2. Aikmi Walkie Talkies for Kids

Get your kids to play as explorers and send them out into the ‘wild’. They can safely explore the surrounding area and report back via this walkie talkie.

It’s also a great way to stay in touch with kids when you are outdoors.

This adventure kit consists of 2 kids walkie talkies with 8 channels, 2 survival bracelets with an integrated compass and SOS whistle and two adjustable straps.

The walkie talkies are small enough for kids’ hands and can easily fit in their pockets. The approximate range when outdoors in a clear area is 3km. Range may be slightly smaller or wider depending on the environment.

They use 3 AAA batteries which are not included. Remember to pack spare batteries.

The walkie talkies are loud and clear. In noisy places, you can use the auto-squelch button that blocks background noise. There is also a volume button.

The bracelets are important for their safety when they are exploring. The compass ensures they don’t get lost and if they are in trouble, the SOS whistle is handy.

What we like about them:

  • Small and lightweight walkie talkies – perfect for kids.
  • Includes survival bracelet and strap.
  • Loud and clear with wide range.

3gofindit – outdoor nature treasure hunt card game for families

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper treasure hunt game, this is a good choice. This one focuses on helping kids explore their environment.

It consists of 33 cards with recommendations for items to find such as ‘soft’, ‘green’, ‘rough’, ‘yellow’ and so on.

The aim of the game is for every player to find all the objects described in their deck of cards in the shortest time possible.

It’s simple to play and lots of fun for kids of different ages (3 and up). You can even have both kids and adults play it together.

The game is very versatile. You can play many times over without repeating anything. Just shuffle the cards to make sure everyone receives different cards every time.

The cards come in a convenient drawstring bag for easy storage and packing.

What we like about it:

  • Great for helping kids learn more about nature.
  • Easy to play – ideal for all ages from 3.
  • Perfect for whole-family fun.
  • Includes bag to store cards.

4. Mission 5 Math Card Game

This card game is perfect for those times when you are just relaxing. It’s an entertaining way to help kids improve on various math concepts including multiplication, subtraction and addition.

The game has seven levels. At every level, a new type of mathematical operation is used.

The basic level starts with just addition and the highest includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, negative numbers and exponents.

So it’s not only fun for kids; adults can also play it too to refresh their high school math.

The game concept is simple. The goal is to get rid of all your cards by adding them to the discard pile. But you can only play a card that equals 5.

So if the previous player had played a 3 card, you can play a 2 card using the addition operation.

It’s a fun way to get kids to think strategically and learn a little math while they are at it.

The cards are good quality though smaller than you expect. The upside is that you can easily carry the game in your pocket when you go camping.

What we like about it:

  • A great and fun way to help kids improve their math skills.
  • Pocket-sized cards – perfect for camping and travelling.
  • 7 game levels – ideal for kids as well as adults.

5. Elite Quoits and Garden Games for Kids – Fun Ring Toss Outdoor Games

This game is great for those times you are looking for something fun and silly to do with your kids.

The aim of the game is to land the rings through the wooden pegs.

There are 20 rings included – 10 high quality rope rings and a bonus set of 10 plastic rings. You also get four wooden pegs that you secure on the included board.

While the main goal of the game is to throw the rings at the pegs, you can create your own point system. For instance, you can say that the one who lands the most rings wins.

You can also assign points based on the throwing distance from the board.

However you choose to play, this super simple game is great for family bonding and getting the kids active.

It also helps them improve their hand-eye coordination.

What we like about it:

  • Plenty of fun for the whole family.
  • Well-made rings and pegs – the game will last for years.
  • Includes carrying/storage bag.

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