How To Choose The Best Baby Light Projector?

There is no quick, simple and one-size-fits-all solution to getting your baby to sleep, peaceful and happy and quiet, in their own bed (or your bed, if you prefer to do it that way – it doesn’t matter where they sleep, as long as they sleep, right?)

There are a few things that can help though, and one of these things is to create a peaceful, calm, relaxing bedtime environment.

Imagine a quiet peaceful evening of bathtime and stories, then going into the bedroom to find the walls and ceiling softly lit with calming lights, designed to help your baby sleep…

This is not only lovely and soothing for baby, but equally calming for the parent who is putting the baby to bed – after all, none of us relax enough, do we?

A half hour lying in a dimly lit bedroom, watching your baby drift into slumber, will do wonders for your state of mind (just watch that you don’t fall asleep too!)

Light projectors can offer a truly calming, relaxing environment that can help to calm even the most fractious baby and soothe them into slumber.

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What to consider when buying a baby light projector?

  1. When shopping for the best baby light projector, you want one that is a quality, well made item. Having it give up just as your baby’s drifting off is not an ideal situation to be in!
  2. You also need to consider your options – do you want a light projector that also plays music? Do you want a specific light sequence or colour? They are available in all sorts of options, so you can choose the sort of thing you want.
  3. Price is, obviously, another consideration. You can get all singing, all dancing projectors that bathe the entire room in glorious technicolour, or you can have a smaller version that will just light up a section of the room – every projector will vary in price, so you will need to work out how much you are prepared to pay versus how good your projector is.

Best Baby Light Projector: Reviews

We have done some research, and have picked out five of the best products to make your sleep (and your baby’s) improve.

1. Chicco First Dreams Lullaby Musical Sheep Nightlight Projector

This cute little toy will be a wonderful addition to your night time routine. It is suitable for boys and girls, as long as it goes with your colour scheme!

What we like about it:

  • Suitable from birth. This projector can be used from the minute you bring your baby home from the hospital, and it will work its magic right from the word go!
  • 30 minutes of lights and sounds. When your sleep cycle is very short, it is helpful to have something that helps your sleep last for longer than said sleep cycle, and this projector should bridge the gap.
  • Can record your own sounds. Often, mummy or daddy’s soothing voice is the best thing to settle baby, and you have the option to add your own voice to this little sheep.
  • Comes with lights as well as sound. A soft, reddish light is ideal for settling a baby, and this sleep projector comes with the perfect light setting as well as the option for sounds.
  • Automatic sensor. This projector will pick up sounds like your baby stirring or crying, and will reactivate itself if it has shut off – you don’t even need to wake up!

2. Moredig Baby Projector, 360 Degree Rotating Musical Night Light

This little night light looks a bit like a space rocket, meaning that it is ideal for the older child. It has several modes, all of them peaceful and calming, so your child can pick their favourite to fall asleep to.

What we like about it:

  • Auto off timer. No more having to sit up past your bedtime, waiting for the perfect time to turn off the light projector – this one will turn itself off when you tell it to.
  • 9 modes of light to choose from. You little one can choose between night sky and animal scenes, depending what your child likes, along with a host of different musical tunes to help your child fall asleep peacefully.
  • Comes with a remote control. If your child is one that wakes up the second the door handle turns, you will love this nightlight projector – you don’t need to go in to turn it off, you can just stand outside and point the remote.
  • It runs on batteries. You don’t have to worry about stray cables and wires, and little hands getting themselves caught up in them, as this unit is wireless and just takes batteries.
  • Can help with education too. Your child can start to learn how to spot simple colours using this night light – it’s a sleep aid and a learning tool all in one. Just make sure that you do the colour spotting before it’s actually sleep time or your little may use it as an excuse to stay awake!

3. Tomy First Years Starlight Dream Show Baby Night Light Projector

This one is perfect for the younger baby, as it can be attached to cot bars or placed on a shelf. It is the shape of a star, and has pleasingly soft edges and muted colours.

What we like about it:

  • Perfect for the younger baby. This projector will show stars, moons and clouds and other characters suitable for young children, to help lull your little one off into dreamland.
  • Can be used free standing or attached to the cot. You can place this directly into the cot (don’t worry, it’s completely safe to do this as it will be safely secured), or store it on a shelf for convenience and space-saving.
  • Offers pictures only or pictures and sounds. You can choose between three gentle lullabyes or just the light projection, depending on your baby’s individual needs.
  • Battery operated. No need to plug this one in, or worry about trailing wires – just add three AA batteries and you’re ready to go.
  • It is nearly impossible for your baby to operate it. Until your child starts walking and developing fine motor skills, they won’t be able to fiddle with this light projector.

4. Chicco First Dreams Baby Bear Blue Musical Night Light Plush Teddy Toy

This soft toy shaped light projector is a guaranteed hit, whether it’s a present for a pregnant friend, or a sanity saving device for you! It looks lovely on a shelf, and it’s very easy to operate.

What we like about it:

  • It’s shaped like a teddy bear. Everyone loves a teddy bear! This cute little addition will look lovely in your child’s room, as well as being able to help them fall asleep.
  • Has a music as well as light selection. This bear will offer you gentle classical sounds to go with their relaxing light show, to help with drifting off – or you can go with just the lights, depending on what your baby likes.
  • Suitable from birth. When you starting your sleep associations, it’s best to start as early as possible, and you can start using this light projector right from the word go.
  • You can choose between lights and music, or just lights. If you don’t want any sound potentially disturbing your baby, you can switch this projector just to lights to avoid any sound keeping them awake.
  • Easy to activate. The large button on the bear’s tummy is the way to activate the lights and/or music, and its size and accessibility means that you don’t have to wake up too much in the night to turn it back on.

5. DSAATN Star Projector For Bedroom With Super Timer

This light projector is perfect for the older child, and will help them fall asleep as well as inspiring a love for the beautiful stars in the night sky. This projector can also be used for a grown up party, it’s so cool!

What we like about it:

  • Can be powered by battery or USB. You can keep the stars burning bright with these two methods of charging – neither of which use any wires, so your little ones will be safe in their beds.
  • It has a lot of different options. You can set this projector to show different colours, to spin around slowly, and you can even use it as a simple night light.
  • Suitable for any age. This light projector will work just as well for a small baby as a larger one – the suitable age range is between 1 and 12, and all ages will love it.
  • Ideal for girls and boys. Anyone who likes pretty lights to go to sleep, or who has a fascination for the stars, will love this light projector.
  • It has a timer. If you are worried about your little one staying up to watch the lights, worry no more – you can decide when the projector stops and set it to turn off whenever you want it to.

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