How To Choose The Best Toys For 7 Year Old Girls?

As they get older, children can be harder to shop for, and little girls are certainly no exception! What do you do when your little princess starts to turn into a bit more of a diva, or starts wanting different types of toys than the ones you have always bought? It’s time to rethink your ideas, and branch out into the world of the best toys for 7 year old girls.

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Best Toys For 7 Year Old Girls: Reviews

1. VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera 5.0 Digital Camera

Who doesn’t love taking great pictures and immortalising memories? There’s pretty much no one that doesn’t love cameras, and this one is a great introduction.

What we like about it:

  • Takes high quality pictures. Having a camera is not enough – it must also take good photos. This one has a 5 mega pixel lens, and it comes with effects that your children can use to edit those photos.
  • Front and rear facing cameras. Your kids can take photos of the world around them, plus they can turn the camera around for a good selfie!
  • It’s strong and sturdy. Any item containing electronics, if it is meant for children, needs to be durable enough to withstand the odd knock and bump. This one has a great strong case, making it safe for little ones.
  • Large screen to show the photos. The 2.4 inch screen is large enough to show the details of the pictures your children take so they can edit them the way they like.
  • Features movie and voice recording. This camera is not just for photos; your budding photographers can take videos and record their voices as well as take pictures.

2. Ravel Children’s ‘Little Gems’ Butterfly Watch And Jewellery Set

This is a great gift set for a girly girl, especially one who really likes butterflies! It’s a matching set, with just enough class that it won’t look too “young”.

What we like about it:

  • A good quality watch, with a high grade quartz movement and a battery that lasts and lasts (and which can be replaced).
  • Practical as well as pretty. This set is jewellery AND a time keeping device, all in one.
  • Silver plated necklace and bracelet. The accessories with this gift set are made from high quality materials, which won’t cause any reactions to sensitive skin.
  • Comes in an attractive gift box. Having a great set which is also packaged in a really beautiful way can make the gift itself even more enjoyable.
  • Encourages time telling. For all little ones, learning to tell the time can be tricky, but having their very own watch to learn to use will make the whole process more appealing.

3. Galt Toys Rainbow Lab

The perfect gift for young, enquiring minds who are just starting to get into science and experiments.

What we like about it:

  • Contains 12 fun experiments and full instructions. Your little ones can experiment to their heart’s content, especially with the comprehensive instruction booklet.
  • Contains all the equipment for a budding scientist. This kit comes with 3 test tubes, a rack, safety goggles, a mixing tray, pipette, a notebook, and more. All this makes the “science lab” experience more authentic.
  • Engages the imagination and encourages learning. This kit is great for kids who want to try out new, fun things, and to learn about the different things that can be created in a test tube.
  • Great for starting out at school. For the little ones who love science, getting them involved in experiments early is a good introduction to starting out in formal learning.
  • Kit can be reused. Unlike some other science kits, this one is not all finished after one go – you can go back to it and create different experiments.

4. GirlZone Temporary Glitter Tattoo Kit

Everyone loves glitter! It’s fun, pretty, and it jazzes up any party or rainy day. This kit is a great next step on from face painting as a younger child.

What we like about it:

  • Safe and non toxic. Any product that is going to be applied to a child’s skin needs to be safe, and this one has been tested so it will not cause any harm or reactions.
  • Contains a huge selection of stencils. Your little ones can create a large variety of different effects and pictures, so they can do different designs depending on what mood they’re in.
  • Easy to remove. The glitter simply washes off; no need to scrub or apply any chemicals, so this set is perfect even for the day before school starts.
  • The stencils can be reused over and over. This is the gift that keeps on giving! You can use the designs for years to come, making this set more of an investment than an expenditure.
  • Encourages creativity. You can choose which colours you like, and also mix and match for a little more pizazz.

5. LetsGO Toyz Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Do you have a wannabe pop star in your life? Is your daughter always singing into her hairbrush? If so, this microphone is the perfect gift!

What we like about it:

  • Equipped with high quality speakers. Your budding rockstar’s voice can be projected all over the house with this microphone.
  • Easily portable. You can carry this microphone anywhere with you, as it is so small it can be stashed into a bag without taking up too much room. It also won’t add too much clutter to the playroom.
  • Charges up quickly and lasts a long time. You won’t have to worry about this microphone running out of battery mid serenade! Also, it can be charged up easily with the built in USB.
  • Gives kids confidence. It can be a little odd to hear your own voice louder than usual, but this one will make it sound so good that they won’t be able to stop singing!
  • Connects to Bluetooth. This microphone can connect to smart phones and laptops, so you can enjoy fun singing apps and different recording options.

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