How To Choose The Best Toy Cash Register?

Getting to know about money is a big lesson in a child’s life. If they have no concept of money, it’s very hard to stop them wanting you to buy every single toy in the shop, every single day (let’s face it, even with money knowledge it can be hard to stop them doing that!)

Making your children aware early in life about the value of money (and math) is very useful for them later in life – and the good news is that you can make these lessons fun!

Have a look for the best toy cash register, then they can enjoy playing shop – taking money, handing out change, and subconsciously learning all about money. Some of the best toy cash register sets also come with play food for your child to “sell”, adding to the imaginative properties of the toy, and increasing its teaching potential.

Key considerations

When you’re shopping for the best toy cash register, finding one that is realistic is a good idea. If it has a button to make it ping open, so much the better!

Some cash registers are of the vintage type, with levers to pull and buttons to press, while others echo today’s more technological cash registers, and come with card machines and scanners which beep.

When deciding which type, have a think about the child you are buying it for and what you think would interest them the most.

Little compartments in the drawer to separate the different denominations of cash is another important feature to look out for – this will help children learn about the different value of money easier.

As it is a toy for children, it also has to be fairly robust, and able to stand up to lots of hard play, and the occasional accidental knocking to the floor.

Whatever sort of “shops” your child likes to play, you’ll be covered when you’re looking for the best toy cash register – we have selected a few of the best for you to browse through.

Best Toy Cash Register: Reviews

1. Learning Resources LSP2629-UK Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

This realistic little cash register will help your little ones learn about money, play shops and develop their imaginations. It is a modern type of register, with modern currency to help the learning experience.

What we like about it:

  • Realistic, up to date money. With HM Treasury approved coins, and notes that feature 2017 designs, this cash register set is as close to the real thing that they can get without actually playing with your real money!
  • Can help develop maths skills. Learning about how much things cost and how much change should be given will help children with some basic sums before they even go to school.
  • Large buttons and digital display. Little fingers will be easily able to find the buttons, and the LED display is easy to read and bright. This will help with the recognition of numbers and can teach children easily.
  • Solar powered calculator. You won’t need batteries or plugs to power this toy; it is environmentally friendly as well as very easy on your wallet – you only need to buy it once, then never have to worry about powering it.
  • Helps coin recognition. The various denominations of coin can be hard for little minds to get a grasp of, but having them to play with at home will help cement all the different types in their heads.

2. Leapfrog Count Along Till Educational Interactive Toy Shop

This little register is perfect for the younger little ones – it has no choking hazards or small parts that can be a danger, just lots of fun and interaction, and large, brightly coloured parts.

What we like about it:

  • Comes with food items as well as money. This set includes eight pretend foodstuffs, each of which that correspond to buttons on the touch screen. This can help with matching shapes and patterns.
  • Helps with colour recognition. Little ones are developing constantly, so giving them a little nudge in the right direction with a fun toy is a great idea – this toy shop will help them start to recognise the basic colours.
  • Comes with songs. Although many parents shudder at the thought of noisy toys with tunes that get stuck in your head, simple counting songs can help cement the numbers into little brains. So grit your teeth and smile through the songs over and over!
  • It’s a great gift for a toddler. All the little ones will love this toy, especially the ones who have older siblings whose cash registers they want to play with; it’s bright, sturdy and lots of fun – and it will help them learn vital life skills at the same time.
  • Realistic sounds and lights. Your little shop keepers will love the fact that they can act out the whole shopping experience – there’s even a payment card that beeps as you scan it!

3. Casdon Chip ‘n’ Pin Till

A chip and pin till that echoes the real life shopping experience that can really help your youngsters learn about different shopping items, money, and even basic mathematical skills.

What we like about it:

  • Functioning till including calculator. Ringing up the items then asking for the right money will help your children enjoy their imaginary shopkeeping experience, while the numbers on the screen will help them recognise their own counting skills.
  • Two “credit cards” with different PIN numbers and electronic sounds. This touch of realism adds to the fun for little ones, who want the whole experience to be as true to life as possible.
  • Encourages hand eye coordination. Picking up the different pieces, working out the prices and pressing the right buttons, will really help with your little ones’ neural development and motor skills.
  • Extremely strong and solid. This cash register set is made from very hard plastic, which can survive the trials of toddler life! It can be dropped, thrown, sat on, and it will not break.
  • Comes with play food. To add to the imagination element, your little shopkeepers can “sell” some realistically branded food items. This can help them in real life too, as they learn about healthy eating.

4. New Classic Toys 10650 Cash Register Set

This sturdy, colourful cash register is a wooden model, great for parents who are trying to move away from plastics and make the world a better place with their choices, at the same time as wanting their children to play with contemporary toys.

What we like about it:

  • Brightly coloured buttons. Bright colours are attractive to children, and the colours make it much easier for little hands to distinguish between buttons, and little brains to acknowledge them and work out the difference between them.
  • Separate compartments for money. The cash drawer in this register is separated so that the money can be kept apart from each other, and will help your kids learn the differences between them.
  • Comes with coins, notes and a card machine. Whatever type of payment your little shopkeepers are currently accepting, you will be covered with all the types of currency. This also means that they can learn about the different types of payment.
  • Tested safe for children. Children’s toys must be safe and approved, and this cash register and all its contents conform to EN-71 standards.
  • Suitable for ages three and upwards. Although you should always supervise younger children to prevent choking, older toddlers will love this toy, and you will find that it lasts them for a long time.

5. Fisher Price Classics 2073 Cash Register Toy

This is a really vintage looking cash register, with a brightly coloured modern look that your kids will love. It is different from the cash registers that we see every day, so it will be a fun novelty for them.

What we like about it:

  • Made by a trusted, loved manufacturer. Fisher Price have been making children’s toys for many years, and they are very good at it! This toy is well made, attractive and will hit all the right buttons for your kids.
  • Suitable for 18 months upwards. There are no choking hazards with this one, so it will be perfect for younger children as well as older ones.
  • Looks and sounds realistic. The cash register, although it has a vintage look,will be easily recognisable, and the drawer emits a little “ding” when it is opened.
  • Great for imaginary play. Your kids can take themselves off on flights of fancy with this cash register and pretend they’re keeping shop in the Victorian era, whether they’re playing alone or with siblings or friends.
  • Features buttons and levers. Anything you can push, pull or press is great for developing motor skills and hand eye coordination, and this toy features some exciting (and sturdy!) levers to pull that will keep them entertained for hours on end.

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