Ride On Toys 6v Vs 12v: What’s The Difference?

When you are shopping for a ride on car for your kid, there are two main types of toys you’ll come across: cheaper 6V cars and 12V cars which usually cost more.

What’s the difference between 6V and 12V ride-in toys and which one should you buy for your kid?


All these ‘Vs’ are just indications of power. A 12V ride-on car is more powerful than a 6V car. It moves faster and works great outdoors.

V refers to Voltage which is a measure of electrical power of the battery which powers the toy’s motor (or motors).

The higher the voltage, the more powerful the motors will be and the faster the car will go.

Which One Should You Buy?

It depends on your budget and needs.


6V ride on cars are the cheapest electric ride on toys. They are great if you are looking for a budget gift idea for your child.

Because of the lower power rating, these toys are mostly ideal for indoor use and the pavement. That’s where they’ll be able to move with decent speed.

If used outdoors, the ride on car will struggle to go up even small inclines and can get stuck on rocks or grass.

The lower power and speed makes them perfect for younger kids (1-3 years) who might not be very safe with a powerful 12V ride on Range Rover.

To summarise, a 6V ride on car is ideal if:

  • You are looking for a cheaper electric ride on car.
  • You are buying the toy for a toddler – 1 to 3 years.
  • The car will be used mostly indoors or on a paved surface.


12V cars are a bit more expensive. Most of them feature powerful twin motors.

They can go faster and are great for outdoor use. However, even when used outdoors it’s best to stick to flat surfaces. They might struggle going uphill.

But they can be used on any type of surface including pavement, gravel and grass.

12V toys are faster and thus more fun for older kids from around 3 years and up.

Here’s when you should consider a 12V ride on car.

  • If you are looking for a powerful and cool ride on car. Most 12V cars are bigger and cooler looking.
  • If you are buying a gift for a kid who is 3+ years in age.
  • The car will be ridden mostly around the yard on different kinds of surfaces.
  • You don’t mind the extra cost.


Yes, there are some even more powerful 24V ride on cars. They are faster and more fun to ride. For safety reasons, they are only ideal for kids 4-5 years and up.

24V ride on cars are expensive but they are the best for outdoor riding even on rough surfaces.


Interestingly, battery life doesn’t vary much between a 6V car and a 24V one. They all last around 1-2 hours before they need to be charged again.

This makes sense. A 6V battery is smaller but doesn’t have a huge power demand. A 24V battery on the other hand may hold more charge but it also expends more of it.

When the battery reaches the end of its life, it’s important that you replace it with the right battery.

A 12V battery in a 6V ride on car will burn out the motor. A 6V battery on a 12V car is a waste of money. The toy will either not move or will move very slowly.

Always replace batteries with the manufacturer-recommended ones.

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