[Explained] How To Use A Buggy Board?

Transporting one child is relatively easy (until they reach the “running off in the supermarket” age, that is!) Transporting two children, especially when one is small enough to need a pushchair and one is big enough to walk most places but still needs a little rest every now and then, can be much more tricky.

Enter the buggy board!

This excellent, convenient, space saving device will save you many hours of listening to a tired child whining, or constantly having to chase one or other child through the crowds, or dealing with the “I’m so tired!” tantrums.

Buggy boards are generally the same shape and concept – a board with wheels, that attaches to your existing buggy and allows you to push a buggy with one small child in it, while another child stands on the board and gets pushed along with the buggy.

You’re still taking the weight of two children – but at least they’re not fighting in the pushchair, or you’re not carrying one wriggling child in one arm whilst manoeuvring the buggy at the same time.

When kids get older, they like the freedom to be able to run around more. Unfortunately, they have small legs and so cannot keep going for hours and hours!

The buggy board is a great interim solution – the toddler can run around to their heart’s content, then comae back for a bit of a break on the buggy board when their legs get tired.

This means you can carry on with whatever you are doing, whether that is shopping or dog waking or anything else, without being interrupted.

Some buggy boards come with a built in seat, so your youngsters can well and truly take the weight off their feet halfway through the shopping trip.

How to use a buggy board

The first thing to do is to check that your buggy board fits your buggy. Many are universal, but there are a handful that only fit specific models of pushchair, so if you fall in love with one you need to make sure either that it fits your particular buggy, or that it is a universal one.

Using a buggy board is easy. Simply load up the pushchair with the younger child, bag of snacks and nappies and whatever else you need for your trip, then head out of the door!

Your older child will love the freedom to walk by themselves, with the option of coming back to the board for a rest.

Most buggy boards come with the handy feature of being able to be folded away when they’re not being used, which means that you don’t have to deal with it banging against your feet when your toddler isn’t using it.

Best types of buggy board

The best types of buggy board are smooth, comfortable to ride on, and have enough space for your feet to move along behind it without stubbing your toes. If your buggy board fits your buggy, then you are already on to a winner!

The best boards come with easy fit connectors so that you can simply attach it to your pushchair and away you go, so you won’t need extra tools to make your buggy board fit your pushchair.

Suspension is a great added feature of the best buggy board, as it can really minimise the inevitable bumps from the road and help your child feel comfortable.

If your child likes to sit down halfway through a trip then a board with a seat is your answer; if they prefer to be upright then you don’t need to worry about this.

How long to use a buggy board

Most buggy boards have a weight limit, and the upper limit is usually around five or six years of age.

Check each board and their websites for individual requirements, and remember not to risk putting a child that is even slightly too heavy on a buggy board – this can damage the board, and could cause a risk of injury to your child.

As long as your child is within the weight limit for your buggy board, you can carry on using it, and enjoying the benefits.

It is best to fold the board away when it not being used, as this will make it easier for you to push the stroller without the worry of catching your to on it and scuffing your shoes.

Dos and don’ts of buggy boards

  • Don’t leave your older child on the board while you take the younger out of the pushchair. The excess weight on the back will make the buggy tip up and your little one could get hurt.
  • Do make sure that your board fits your stroller. An incorrectly fitted buggy board can be very dangerous for your child, as it could slip off if not correctly fitted, leading to potential injury.
  • Don’t use a board if any part of it is damaged or missing. This can cause huge problems as your child can slip, trip or fall, or could even graze themselves against sharp edges.
  • Do start your buggy boarding career on a smooth, flat surface, to minimise any bumping and get your child used to the sensation. This is especially important if you have never used a buggy board before – you don’t want your child getting traumatised and refusing to use it after you have bought it.

Final words

A buggy board is a great addition to your pushchair equipment. Instead of having to carry a wriggly, tired toddler and push a pushchair at the same time, you can just pop a buggy board on and the bigger one will love the novelty of being wheeled around on their own personal magic carpet.

It can keep your older child safe, comfortable and happy – and as we all know, a happy child makes for a much happier parent.

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