How To Get Free Stickers From Skateboard Companies?

Getting anything for free is always a tricky thing, let’s be honest! Big skateboarding companies are no different from other companies, really, in that they don’t really like to give anything away unless they see themselves getting something in return. Assuming that you are not a pro skater who receives sponsorship and products from all the big companies who are desperate to represent you, how to get free stickers from skateboard companies? Let’s see if we can figure out a way.

Why would skateboard companies give away stickers?

Advertising can be expensive, so finding cheaper – or even free – ways to get your name out there is very attractive for any company; from small ones trying to make their names, to larger ones who are always happy to get more coverage.

Getting your brand out there is a great way to attract more customers, so you may find that skating companies are happy to offer free merchandise in the form of stickers – especially smaller companies who are not yet established.

The skateboarding community is a friendly one, and the people who run big companies are likely skaters themselves. Everyone loves to see people taking part in their favourite sport, so you may well find that skateboarding companies are happy to send you free stickers just to help boost your enthusiasm for the sport!

Encouraging young people into a sport is always a big thing for lots of companies who love their sport, so you may find that if a young person gets in touch with a skateboarding company asking for stickers, they will happily oblige.

How to get free stickers from skateboard companies

  • Offer promotion. If you are taking part in events or competitions, many companies would be glad to use you for a bit of free exposure. Write or email them to say when and where you are taking part, giving them plenty of notice to allow for postage, then sit back and wait!
  • Host events. Whether you’re doing a skateboarding promotion in a school or at a youth club, or just having a few mates around to share your passion, you can make this event more attractive by giving away stickers. Get in touch with a few companies, and they should be happy to send you some free stickers to promote their brand at your event.
  • Look online. Many companies advertise that they are happy to give away free stickers, so have a browse on the web and see if your favourite company offers this. Some companies will ask you to make a minimum order before they send you freebies, but some will be happy to furnish you with stickers for nothing.
  • If you are getting lots of local interest such as winning competitions, it is well worth asking skateboarding companies for freebies, as you will be helping their brand to be noticed. Practise really hard, get really good, then wait for the free stuff to fall into your lap!

Tips for getting free stickers

  1. Do your research. It’s no good asking for skateboarding stickers from a company that makes bikes. Make sure you have looked up the companies beforehand, so you know who and what they are.
  2. Write to several companies at once. You may find that some reply and some don’t, so contacting several at once will minimise disappointment as you are sure to get a reply from someone.
  3. Enclose a paid, self addressed envelope. You’re getting stickers for free, so don’t make the company pay to send them to you!
  4. Attach a friendly letter. Don’t ever demand free stuff; let the company know that you admire them and would love to promote them on your equipment, and be friendly and polite, if you want to see the best results.
  5. Be patient. Big skateboarding companies are busy places, and they may have bigger commitments than sending out freebies. Give them a bit of time to respond to your before you write them off.

What to do with stickers

This one is pretty obvious – the best thing you can do with stickers is to stick them to things! You can decorate your board, your bedroom walls, your school books, your car dashboard – anywhere there is a flat surface can benefit from the addition of a few stickers.

Many skaters use stickers to decorate their skateboards, usually underneath, or to jazz up a plain crash helmet or even a knee or elbow pad (just bear in mind that stickers in these areas are likely to get scuffed and scratched).

If you come across a vintage sticker, that hasn’t yet been stuck to anything, these can be quite lucrative, especially if they were made from a limited run by a company that no longer exists.

Stickers can also be swapped and traded with other skaters who might be looking for different stickers; once you have your free stickers you can decide what you do with them!

Final words

Skateboarding stickers are a great addition to your board, your safety equipment, your car, your books – anything you want to attach stickers to.

If you don’t have the money to pay for them, or you aren’t able to get to many events where stickers are on sale, try your luck at how to get free stickers from skateboarding companies. You may very well be pleasantly surprised!

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