Which Is The Best Skateboard For 7 Year Old Beginner?

Skateboarding is great fun, and it is a sport and recreation that is fast regaining popularity these days. It is good for fitness, for learning how to move your body, trying out exciting new tricks, and for getting out in the fresh air and sunshine.

Kids take to skateboarding really quickly and easily, partly because they are so quick to learn and partly because their bodies are still growing and developing, and they haven’t had the time to develop bad backs, sore knees, slipped discs or any of the other problems that beset us as we age!

Skateboarding is very popular with children, especially if they see their friends doing it, and it’s a great way to get some good exercise and spend time with their peers.

It also teaches them resilience, how to get back up when they fall down, how to keep trying until they perfect a move to their satisfaction – and it will give them a real sense of pride when they achieve it.

Key considerations

  1. When you’re looking for the best skateboard for a 7 year old beginner, you want something that is relatively simple and easy for them to use. You don’t want them giving up after a day because they have not mastered a trick!
  2. A 7 year old needs a good, strong, sturdy skateboard that can withstand a few knocks and bumps, and one that will see them through to the next stage of their skateboarding career.
  3. To have it looking good is also another key consideration. Children can be cruel to one another, and you don’t want your little skater being put off using their board because of unkind comments from their peers because their deck isn’t “cool” enough.

Best Skateboard For 7 Year Old Beginner: Top 5 Reviews

If you are unsure what to buy for the newcomer to skateboarding, fear not! We have hunted around and have found the cream of the crop; have a look through the lists and decide which is your best pick for the best skateboard for seven year old beginner.

1. Charles Bentley 28” Monster Skateboard Set Blue

This is a great, fun and easy to ride board, that will delight younger skaters and will be sure to get them into skating in a safe and fun way.

What we like about it:

  • Safety gear is included. You won’t have to fork out extra to keep your child safe when you buy this board – it comes with a crash helmet, plus elbow pads and knee pads to reduce the amount of scrapes and bumps they will inevitably get.
  • Suitable for boys and girls. Whether your son or daughter wants to get into skateboarding, this board will be perfect for either – and both will love it.
  • High quality construction. The deck is made from maple wood, while the trucks are alloy and the wheels PVC. This all adds up to a strong, durable board that can stand up to years of tricks, as well as everyday skating.
  • Fun designs on the underside. The graphics on the underneath of the deck are eye catching and cool, and will make even falling off worth it – after all, when else are you able to show off the bottom of your board?
  • Suitable for age 3 and upwards. This board is ideal for the younger skater; a child as young as 3 can learn to get to grips with it, and it will be suitable all the way up into double digits.

2. Batman M02151-01 Skateboard

This is a seriously cool board, ideal for the little Batman lover in your life. It may not be quite saving Gotham City, but they will enjoy looking the part as they ride around on this board.

What we like about it:

  • Strong, durable deck. This board’s deck is made from quality maple wood, meaning that it is strong and durable and suitable for use for many years to come.
  • Double kicktail and flat deck for advanced tricks. This skateboard is designed for the showier, fancier tricks, and it will help youngsters learn how to do great tricks more easily.
  • Suitable for age 5 plus. This is a great board for youngsters starting out into the world of skating; it’s fun and easy to use and light enough to be manoeuvred by smaller, lighter people.
  • Printed grip tape. The board will cling like glue to your child’s feet – and it has the added bonus of being in a seriously cool Batman design, that will quickly become the envy of all their friends!
  • It’s a good price. If you have older children who are into skateboarding, you will know that it can be an expensive hobby. With this board, you can start your younger ones out slowly, without breaking the bank.

3. Osprey Kids Skateboard 31 Inch

A great skateboard made by a well known manufacturer, this one is bound to get your kids well and truly hooked on skateboarding! It’s well made, great to look at, and perfect for trying out new tricks.

What we like about it:

  • Perfect for aspiring skaters and beginners. The 13cm trucks are made from heavy duty aluminium and are easy to manoeuvre so that kids won’t be put off because it’s hard work.
  • Shaped for ease of mastering tricks. The concave shape of the deck and the double kicktail means that this board is great for trying out and practising new moves, and for performing tricks from both ends of the board.
  • Sturdy, well made and reliable. The maple wood of the deck is strong and supple, meaning that it will last and last, while the strong black grip tape will ensure that little feet won’t slip and slide.
  • Selection of colours on the underside. You can personalise the board to your child’s liking, as there is a great choice of designs for the underneath of the board.
  • Weight tested up to 50kg. This skateboard is sturdy and strong and up to the job. There is no real age limit for this board; even if you are a lighter adult you can continue to ride it (if you can get your child off it, that is!)

4. Xootz Child’s Mini Skateboard 17 Inch

This “Green Monster” will delight children of any age and any gender, and will make any youngster fall in love with the art of skateboarding.

What we like about it:

  • Great for younger children. Suitable for ages 3 and upwards, this board is a fantastic introduction into the world of skateboarding, as it is light and easy to use.
  • It’s an inexpensive skateboard. When you are buying for a young person, they have the habit of growing bigger and needing larger items! When you buy them this as their first board, you won’t have to spend too much to get them into the sport.
  • Ideal for any gender. Boys and girls alike will love this board – skating is a non gendered sport and anyone can be good at it, so as long as they pick a board that they love your kids can enjoy it no matter which they are!
  • A good, solid, sturdy board. Skateboarding can be tough on the equipment, and you will find that especially the younger, less experienced kids will have a few knocks and dings – this board will keep its shape and stand up to abuse.
  • Great fun design on the underside. Kids, both big and small, will love the brightly coloured, funny decoration on the underneath of this board!

5. Charles Bentley 22” Retro Mini Skateboard Green

A skateboard with a cool vintage look, this one is based on the classic 70s skateboards that started out skateboarding’s popularity. Great for the learner or the purist!

What we like about it:

  • Small, light and compact. This board is easy to sling into a bag or tuck under the arm, and so is great for grabbing on the way out of the door or stuffing into a bag to take on a day out.
  • Offers a smooth ride. The size of this board means it’s great for whizzing around corners, as well as for pulling off some really cool tricks.
  • Strong and nearly unbreakable. The deck is made from polypropylene with polyurethane wheels, meaning this is a super sturdy board that can stand up to any amount of hard riding.
  • Bright, eye catching colours. There is absolutely no chance of losing this board, or someone else mistaking yours for theirs – this is a distinctive board that anyone with an eye for colours will love.
  • Maximum weight of 80kg. You can buy this board for your youngsters and know that it will last them up into their adulthood; it is versatile and hardwearing enough for both childhood and adulthood.

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