Which Is The Best Joke Book For 8 Year Old?

All kids love telling jokes, don’t they? It can be a hard time in a parent’s life, when their little darling discovers the world of humour and starts out telling jokes! If you want to keep your sanity intact at the same time as supporting their burgeoning stand up comedian career, you could do a lot worse than investing in the best joke book for 8 year old that money can buy. You’re going to be hearing jokes for a good long time to come, you might as well make sure they’re good ones!

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Best Joke Book For 8 Year Old: Top 5 List

1. Jokes For Funny Kids

Your children will love this book – it is a selection of good jokes that will even make the adults laugh!

What we like about it:

  • Contains different categories. Your little ones can tell different jokes for different times of the day, and even base them on the activities they enjoy the most.
  • Over 300 jokes. This really is an enormous collection of jokes, which has the bonus of ensuring that you are less likely to get bored of the jokes!
  • Easy to read. Even for younger kids, these jokes are designed to be simple and easy to get their heads around.
  • Illustrations included. To add to the appeal of this book, there are funny pictures dotted throughout the pages to further attract young comedians.
  • The jokes are actually funny. No parent wants to be bored to death for hours by non-funny jokes, let’s face it! You will actually get a giggle out of this book too.

2. Rold Dahl Whoppsy-Whiffling Joke Book

Roald Dahl is one of our most beloved children’s book authors; his writing is naturally funny and appeals to children automatically.

What we like about it:

  • Features words that appeal to youngsters. Some of Dahl’s words are included in every day speech, as they are intrinsically funny.
  • Humour is good for the health. Keeping both mind and body healthy is very important, and telling jokes and encouraging laughter is a big part of this.
  • References Dahl’s work. If your little ones are already into Roald Dahl, they’ll love this joke book as you can pick up bits and pieces from his other books.
  • A staggering number of jokes. With over 500 jokes to entertain the whole family, this book is guaranteed to keep everyone chuckling for years to come.
  • It’s a good price. You’d expect to pay a lot more for a joke book from such a well loved author, but this book won’t set you back too much.

3. The Bumper Book Of Very Silly Jokes

Every budding comedian will need lots of material. This book is big and comprehensive, and will keep your little ones occupied for a long time.

What we like about it:

  • Packed full of hilarious jokes. With over 750 jokes, there is so much material here to keep your kids entertained for a good long time.
  • Includes jokes on different topics. This book has different subjects so that your kids can choose their jokes based on their interests, and what sort of thing they are currently interested in.
  • The jokes are actually funny! Any parent will be relieved to hear that you can listen to the offerings from this book without wanting to tear their hair out.
  • Includes fun pictures. The author has also illustrated this book, with pictures that are attractive and appealing for children.
  • Small enough to carry around. You can easily slip this joke book into your bag, carry it around in the car, or take it to entertain your friends at a sleepover – it’s very convenient.

4. Awesome Jokes That Every 8 Year Old Should Know

When your child is developing their sense of humour, they sometimes need a little fuel for their fire. This book will provide them with all the jokes they’ll ever need.

What we like about it:

  • Puns as well as jokes. These funnies are not just one liners; some clever puns and tongue twisters are also included.
  • Excellent for entertaining friends. If your child’s friends have a similar sense of humour, they can keep each other giggling for hours on end by reading out these gags.
  • Contains new material. As parents, you will have probably heard most of the old jokes time and time again and might be preparing yourself to paste on a smile as you hear them again – this book contains jokes that even you will not have heard.
  • Encourages reading. If your kids are reading something they enjoy, they are far more likely to stick with the joy that is reading a good book, and carry on their reading career throughout their lives.
  • Funny pictures included. The drawings in this joke book are designed to appeal to young children almost as much as the jokes do.

5. Hilarious Jokes For 8 Year Old Kids

8 year olds often have a unique sense of humour that has moved on from the “toilet jokes” of a younger age, so an age appropriate joke book is a must.

What we like about it:

  • Includes different types of joke. You can find knock knocks, standard jokes, puns, and tongue twisters, in this large selection of jokes.
  • Contemporary jokes included. Some joke books are a little over the heads of today’s audience, but this one contains references that all modern children will get and will find funny.
  • Excellent as a birthday gift or a stocking filler. This book makes a great present for any child who is starting out in their joke telling career.
  • Clean and family friendly. You won’t need to worry that any of the humour may not be suitable for younger kids – this book is age appropriate, meaning that it will not offend or upset anyone.
  • Great for boring car journeys. Although it may not be your idea of fun, your child can occupy themselves on long trips by trying to make the rest of the passengers laugh with this book.

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