11 Must-Have Minnie Mouse Toys For Toddlers This Year

Disney World has been on the forefront of creating famous cartoon characters, since time immemorial. First, there was Mickey Mouse then came Minnie Mouse. As much as kids love Mickey, Minnie has her special place in their hearts too, especially among little girls. She is not only cute but also strikingly adorable. Little girls never seem to get enough of her, as her charming nature seems to bring happiness in their playroom.

To ensure your little princess enjoys hours of unwavering fun in Minnie’s company, we have made a list of the best Minnie Mouse toys for toddlers.

1. Disney Minnie Mouse Convertible Toy Box/Desk

Disney Minnie Mouse Convertible Toy Box Desk


Where will your kid keep all her toys when she is done playing? You guessed it right, at her Minnie Mouse Toy Box. The Disney Minnie Mouse Convertible Toy Box is the ultimate toy accessory for your kid’s bedroom or playroom. Consisting of solid wood construction, this item is not only a toy box but can also serve as a desk and chair. Its multifunctional properties make it more appealing to kids. They can draw on it, sit on it or use it for any activity that kids love doing.

What we like about it – Although it is not really a toy, kids will love using it as storage for their toys. Its foldable back makes it easy to convert into a bench or desk.

2. Minnie Mouse Kitchen

Minnie Mouse Kitchen


Does your toddler love imitating your every move in the kitchen? If yes, then the Minnie Mouse Kitchen is the ideal accessory for her. This toy kitchen comes with 17 accessories, guaranteeing your kid endless fun, as she prepares imaginary meals. Let Minnie Mouse help your child wash up the utensils after cooking. Then later prepare dessert using the blender that comes with the toy. It even has a fridge and an ice dispenser, just to add to the fun.

What we like about it – It has an attractive design and is easy to assemble. The fact that it comes with numerous accessories will keep your kid busy all day, as she plays kitchen.

3. Fisher-Price Disney Minnie Mouse Fabulous Shopping Mall

Disney Minnie Mouse - Fabulous Shopping Mall


Why take your kids to the mall, when they can have their own mall? The Fisher-Price Disney Minnie Mouse Fabulous Shopping Mall is a two-story set that comes with all the features of a real world mall. Your kids will adore taking Minnie and her friends for a shopping adventure. The set consists of a beauty salon, shoe store, food court, and 17 shopping accessories for a memorable shopping experience. The mall also has a revolving door, not to mention a working escalator.

What we like about it – The two-story play set is easy to assemble, as all parts conveniently fall into place. Additionally, the two stories can be set apart, making two smaller malls. This ideally allows for sharing, if you have two or more kids.

4. Minnie’s Convertible Car and Doll by Fisher-Price

Minnie Mouse - Minnie's Convertible Car and Doll


One of the simplest Minnie mouse toys is Minnie’s convertible car and doll. The toy comes with eight other accessories that will stimulate your child’s imaginative skills. She can change Minnie’s dress and complement it with a matching bow and purse. Let your child dress Minnie up and later go for a ride in Minnie’s convertible car. Kids two years and above will love this toy.

What we like about it – Your kid will love changing Minnie into the different clothing accessories that come with the toy. This toy offers an opportunity for your kid to learn how to groom and dress up.

5. Minnie Mouse My First Ride On

Minnie Mouse My First Ride On


Ride on toys come in handy especially as your kid begins to move around on her own. The Minnie Mouse My First Ride On toy is the perfect gift for any kid who has started honing her movement skills. The fact that your kid will be using her legs to propel the ride on toy will help her strengthen her leg muscles. The toy consists of an educational clock for keeping time, a removable toy phone to call home and flashing signal lights to indicate direction. The music on the ride-on will keep your kid fascinated, as she cruises around the playground.

What we like about it – Great toy for physical development, as it focuses on movement, balance and coordination skills.

6. Minnie RC Scooter

Minnie RC Scooter


First, it was Donald Duck and his scooter but this time round, Minnie has her own scooter too. The Minnie RC Scooter is an ideal gift for your older kids, as it is more engaging since it uses a remote control for navigation. Minnie can sit or stand while cruising on her scooter. Alternatively, you can detach Minnie from the scooter and control the scooter on its own. Additionally, the toy has independent steering, giving your kid more freedom of control.

What we like about it – The Minnie RC scooter is simple to control, allowing kids to a get a hang of it quite easily. This freedom of control allows kids to be more expressive in their imagination.

7. Disney Minnie Mouse Vacuum Cleaner

Minnie Mouse Vacuum Cleaner


Are you having trouble teaching your toddler how to maintain cleanliness? Worry not. The Disney Minnie Mouse Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect solution to teaching your toddler about tidiness. It functions just like a real Vacuum cleaner, complete with moving dirt beads and Hoover sound. The cleaner consists of numerous Minnie Mouse stickers and it lights up, giving your toddler a more fascinating playing experience. Your child will love using this Vacuum cleaner, as she cleans up her surroundings.

What we like about it – A great way of teaching kids about the importance of maintaining cleanliness. The Vacuum cleaner not only makes cleaning fun but also provides the perfect learning experience for your child.

8. Minnie Mouse Pram

Minnie Mouse Pram


The Minnie Mouse Pram is an excellent gift for your little princess. It comes in various colors and designs making it ideal for your child’s play. By using this pram, she can carry Minnie Mouse along with her, wherever she goes. The pram also has enough room to carry Minnie’s accessories. Interestingly, it has an adjustable hood and removable pram cover, to protect Minnie Mouse from direct sunlight and other harsh elements. Its light frame makes it conducive for easy storage.

What we like about it – As your child grows older, she begins developing emotional attachment to various items. A pram is an ideal item to allow your child express her emotional side, especially in relation to love and care.

9. Disney Baby Minnie Smartphone

Disney Baby Minnie Smartphone


The Disney Baby Minnie Smartphone is an educational toy that consists of an activity centre with six interactive buttons. Your child will not get enough of Minnie’s voice, as she presses the interactive buttons. By pressing the various buttons on the phone, a relevant light will appear, as well as a pop-up function. Your child will encounter her first letters, numbers, shapes and colors using this toy phone. Using the Minnie Smartphone is a great way for your kids to learn while having fun at the same time.

What we like about it – This toy provides a great opportunity for your child to develop her communication skills. It also teaches manual skills and enhances visual perception.

10. Minnie Mouse Teapot Tea Party Play Set

Minnie Mouse Teapot Tea Party Play Set


Is your little princess having a tea party anytime soon? Surprise her with the Minnie Mouse Teapot Tea Party Play Set. This play set comes complete with a teapot, play plates, cups, saucers and all the other accessories that make up a tea party. The large teapot container is big enough to store all the other accessories when your kid is not using the set. Using this play set, you child will love treating her real and imaginary friends to a memorable tea party.

What we like about it – This play set is a great way to stimulate your child’s creativity, as she hosts imaginary tea parties. Let your child explore her fantasies using this exciting play set.

11. LEGO 10830 Duplo Disney Minnie



Nothing excites kids more than a collection of LEGO pieces. The LEGO Duplo Disney Minnie features a café, a delivery plane and of course, Minnie Mouse. Using this playset, your child can create anything out of her imagination. From delivering cakes around the neighborhood, using the delivery plane, to opening a fast food café, this play set will greatly stimulate your child’s creativity.

What we like about it – LEGO sets are a great way to enhance your child’s cognitive development, as well as motor skills. Joining the various LEGO blocks together will not only stimulate your child’s problem-solving skills but also enhance her color recognition and visual perception.

How we chose the list

1. Development milestones

Creating a list of the best toys for toddlers is not an easy task. The toy industry is flooded with a variety of toys and choosing the best for your toddler can be rather confusing. Minnie Mouse toys are also in abundance and thus, coming up with a list of the best Minnie Mouse toys required us to not only enforce a stringent selection criterion, but also understand the various development stages of a child. Certain toys are only relevant when a child achieves a particular milestone. For instance, a Minnie Mouse Pram is not suitable for an 8-month old child, for he or she cannot even walk in the first place.

2. Suitability

When creating this list of Minnie Mouse toys and accessories, we had to take into consideration its appropriateness. We had to gauge the suitability of a toy in relation to a child’s development and play value. Will a particular toy improve a child’s communication skills? Will it stimulate a child’s creative ability or imagination? We had to ask ourselves tough questions, as toys play an important role in the overall development of a child. We had to strike off some toys from our list, as they did not meet our selection criteria.

3. Consumer ratings

Consumer reviews played an important role in our selection process. By gathering and evaluating the views of end-users, we were able to establish the popular Minnie Mouse Toys. We had to leave out toys that had a rating of below four (4) stars, simply because these toys seemingly do not provide the necessary customer satisfaction. Although a large number of Minnie Mouse toys had positive reviews, there were one or two complaints from unhappy customers. We had to look at the negative reviews also to determine if they could have an impact on our shortlist. Fortunately, none of the negative comments had an impact on our selection process.

4. Safety

We had to assess the materials used for the Minnie Mouse toys before coming up with our shortlist. The safety of your children is very important, especially when choosing appropriate toys for them. Children tend to be curious most of the time and like putting things into their mouths just to have a feel. This can be dangerous, as it might lead to choking, suffocation or even fatality. In our selection process, we had to look at toys, which do not have easily breakable parts neither do they contain any dangerous chemicals such as lead coating. We had to ensure that all the toys in our shortlist meet safety standards.

Buying guide

The perfect time to acquire a toy for your little princess is when she begins to recognize or perceive different items in her environment. Kids tend to be inquisitive most of the time and leaving them without something to play with can be detrimental to their safety. They can grab any item in their sights just to quench their curiosity. To avoid compromising the safety of your little one, you should acquire toys to keep her busy. Here is a buying guide on what you should look for when selecting a Minnie Mouse toy for your little princess.

1. Educational purpose

When purchasing a Minnie Mouse toy, you should consider the educational purpose of the toy. Will your child learn new skills from her Minnie Mouse toy or is it for purposes of just keeping her busy? A child’s education is broad and may include learning about numbers, letters or distinguishing different shapes and colors. Toys not only influence the education of a child but also improve her abilities and skills. The Minnie Mouse Smartphone is a good example of an educational toy. The toy has interactive buttons that will keep your child busy all day, as she learns new skills.

2. Exercise

Just like adults, kids need exercise too, to remain fit and healthy. When acquiring a Minnie Mouse toy, select an item that will utilize your child’s energy for the purposes of exercising. A ride-on toy is a good exercise accessory, for it will compel your child to use her energy when moving around the playground. This type of toy not only seeks to strengthen your child’s leg muscles, but also improve her balance and coordination.

3. Value

Does the toy give great value for money? Just like any other accessory, a Minnie Mouse toy should have an equal return on investment, in terms of benefits. Will your kid benefit from playing around with her new toy? Will it stimulate her to realize her full potential? A majority of Minnie Mouse toys, especially in the above list provides great value for money, as well as play value.

4. Durability

Kids are destructive in nature and can spoil any fragile item that you bring home to them, out of either frustration or mere fun. When purchasing a Minnie Mouse toy, consider its durability. Mostly, wooden and plastic toys are the best, for they can withstand a few hits here and there.

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