How To Become A Lego Master Builder?

Most of us have fond memories of playing with Lego as children; it’s a great toy that has withstood the passage of time and continues to be well loved by the newer generations as well as the old.

If you are lucky enough these days to be able to play with Lego with your own children, or if you are a newcomer to this fun activity and love it, you may well be wondering how you can take Lego from a fun activity to something more serious.

Have you ever wondered how to become a Lego master builder? We have had a look into this fascinating world of actually being paid to play with toys, to find out if it is possible – turns out that it is, and if this is a career that you have your heart set on, you can follow in the footsteps of the greats and make your name as a Lego master builder.

What is a Lego master builder?

Can you believe that this massive, multinational company actually has people whom it pays to play with its bricks all day?

These are the people who push Lego to its limits, experimenting with what can be done, and design big creations that show how many different things can be made with Lego.

Lego master builders have created a number of staggeringly intricate builds, including the life size Star Wars X-wing fighter, that was completed in 2013 and used over 5 million bricks.

A 17 foot Batmobile is also one of the great achievements, as are the countless scale models that we see in stores, at fan events, and at the well known Legoland at Windsor in the UK.

A Lego master builder is someone who has spent years creating the most intricate designs imaginable, and is one of the people who brings the magical world of Lego to life.

How to become a Lego master builder

If you want to make Lego your career, like anything in this world, you will have to work hard to get where you want to get.

It will however, if Lego is your passion, be incredibly rewarding and it can pay your bills just as well as any other job. Let’s have a look at how to become a Lego master builder:

  • Play with a lot of Lego. This sounds like a simple step, but actually it’s the most important part of climbing the Lego ladder. If you have spent your life playing with the bricks and you know how they fit together and the different types of things you can make with them, you will be one step closer to your dreams.
  • Consider university. Most Lego master builders have a background in 3D arts, or at the very least have a background in architecture, sculpting or industrial design. If this is the path you wish to follow, you’ll need to take it seriously!
  • Start at the bottom. Getting a job with Lego – just about any job they offer – is the first step to working for them as a master builder. As you can imagine, jobs with this well known company will be very popular, and you are likely to experience competition, so spruce up your CV and experience.
  • Become a model builder. Following the blueprints designed to create Lego builds is an important step in your way, as it will demonstrate that you have the dedication, patience and skill to make it as a master builder.
  • Use your imagination and creative flair to create new ideas. Going “off piste” and creating your own inventions is a key step on the route towards becoming a master builder, so let your creativity run riot!

Requirements for being a Lego master builder

  1. You must be imaginative and have a creative flair – making your own designs and not just following the instructions is a must!
  2. You will need great attention to detail. It’s the little details that make these big creations really stand out, so you will need to have a good eye.
  3. You must be passionate about Lego. Of course you already are, or you wouldn’t be looking at this career!
  4. You need a good sense of organisation. We’re not talking about always remembering where you left your car keys (who does that?) but making sure you have enough of the right coloured bricks, for example, will stand you in good stead.
  5. You should be a team player. Building a Lego piece that takes 5 million pieces would take one person many years to complete – you will need to be able to work with others.
  6. You need some degree of technical confidence. Using a computer, and basic or more advanced programmes, is a big part of the job, so brush up on those computer skills to be in with a chance.

What career can you make out of Lego?

You can make a lot out of Lego, there’s no doubt about that – but can you make an entire career? The answer is yes.

From being the one who actually creates all these iconic structures that we know and love, to working behind the scenes designing the models and the blueprints that create them, the world of Lego does offer exciting career prospects.

You may not be as rich as if you were the CEO of a large company, but if you’re doing something you love then surely the pay is less important?

Final words

Becoming a Lego master builder is the dream of many youngsters as they play with their first Lego sets – imagine being paid to play with bricks all day! It is not far out of the realms of fantasy, as you can see, and all it takes is a bit of dedication and a lot of imagination (and a LOT of love for Lego!)

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