Farm Animals Games For Kids {Things To Remember}

Kids love farms. There are very few kids who don’t enjoy the animals, the freedom, the mud, and just about everything else about a farm. Aside from actually physically being on a farm, there are few things that your animal or farm obsessed child will love to do, more than play farm games!

We are here to discuss the best farm animals games for kids, so that you can keep your little ones happy – and your sanity intact. Most children love farms and everything that goes with them, so farm animal games and toys are a great bet for a gift for just about any child.

Types of farm animals games

There are a lot of different types of farm animals games you can play with your kids. You can dress yourself up as a farm animal and allow them to ride around on your back like a horse, but this may well cause muscle pain, strains and pain, and is not generally recommended, especially as there are so many other farm animals games that you can play!

  1. Card games. Matching animals to their barns, top trumps, joining two halves of an animal together, are just a few examples of farm based card games that you can play with your children.
  2. Books. Some kids are avid readers from the word go, and you can find a wide selection of farm books suitable for all ages. Board books for youngsters, fiction for the independent reader – farm books are a great option for your farm loving children.
  3. Physical games. If your child is one of those that needs to run around lots, getting them to act out farm scenarios outside can offer fun, and the chance to burn off energy.
  4. Build a farm. Whether you invest in a ready made set with barns and fences, or you and your little ones build a farm out of cereal boxes, playing with a farm is great for imaginary play and brain development.
  5. Board games. Just about any game, from dominoes to games with pieces that move around a board, is great for kids who love farms.

How to play farm animals games with kids

First of all, establish your kids’ favourite parts of these games. If they like little models of farm animals that they can move around from field to barn, then a small set of farm animals and a barn or two would be a good bet.

If they especially like farm machinery, then investing in a ride on tractor or land rover would be a great option. If your child is a thinker, then you can devise some quizzes and word games that are based around farm animals.

Some children really like imaginary games, so you can pretend to be farm animals – this is also a great way of learning about the different animals too.

Farm animals virtual games

Some children (actually, most of them!) really like computer games and tablets.

There are a great many different types of farm animals games that you can download and buy for your farm obsessed littles; many of these include quizzes and games that they can use to increase their knowledge of farm animals and their habitats and habits.

Virtual games can be played on phones, tablets or computers, and if nothing else they can make a long, stressful car journey easier.

Benefits of farm animals games for kids

  • As well as being fun for your children, farm animals games can help them to learn about different animals. You will probably find that their favourites vary from day to day, so it is helpful that farms usually feature lots of different animals!
  • Playing at farm games with your children can also teach them about the world we live in, and where their food comes from, which a great thing for any child to learn.
  • Playing any games with your kids is a great way to connect with them, as you can enjoy bonding with them over their favourite topic.
  • You may even find that a childhood obsession leads to an adult career – farming offers a great selection of jobs, so your little farmer could even grow into someone who can keep you in fruit, vegetables and meat in later life!

Final words

Farm animals games for kids are fun, interactive and can help to entertain the whole family. You can teach your kids all sorts of things through farm animals games, and you can also encourage their love of nature and the world outside their four walls.

They are probably more suited for smaller children, but even your 5 year olds (girls or boys) can find them fun.

Games involving farm pieces can encourage motor skills, while others can help your children learn about different animals. All farm games can be great fun for kids, and a really good way of connecting and bonding.

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