How To Choose The Best Tree Swing?

If you are looking for a safe and fun activity that’ll encourage your kids to spend more time outside, consider getting a tree swing. It’s not too expensive and will provide hours of fun for your kids.

A good quality tree swing for kids should be safe, durable and fun to use. It should also be easy to install on a tree or frame.

Tree swings come in different styles and designs. Some are ideal for multiple kids to swing on, others are meant for one child and you can even find a baby swing.

Tree swings are designed to hook to a strong tree branch, but you can also attach the swing to a metal frame if you don’t have a tree in your garden.

In this buying guide, we review the best tree swings for kids. But first, some tips on how to choose the right swing for your child.

What to Consider When Choosing a Tree Swing

a) Type of Swing

The best type of swing depends on the number of kids you have and their age.

If you have more than one kid, consider getting one of those large round swings that can sit two or three children. They’ll have more fun that way.

If it’s just one child, get one of those traditional swings with a wooden seat and two ropes on the sides for support.

You can also get two or three of this style of swings if your kids cannot share a single large swing without quarrelling. Just make sure you have enough branches to hang the swings from.

For toddlers and infants, look for swings made specifically for them. Baby swings are typically enclosed or belted for added safety.

Note: If you’d love to have a go at the swing now and then, look for a swing designed for use by both kids and adults. An easy way to tell whether a swing is safe for you to use is to check its weight capacity.

b) Weight Capacity

Exceeding a swing’s weight capacity puts your kids at risk of injury. It also wears out the ropes quicker, reducing the lifespan of the swing.

So check the weight limit before you buy a swing. Round swings with a metal frame can hold between 100kg and 180kg (ideal for multiple kids or an adult) but most swings designed for a single kid have a weight capacity of about 70kg.

Toddler/baby swings have a much lower weight capacity of around 20-30kg.

Some swings don’t have a weight limit, but will specify an age limit.

c) Materials

A standard tree swing has three parts, all made from different materials.

  • Ropes: Most swings use polypropylene or polyethylene ropes. Both are excellent materials in terms of hardiness, weather protection and durability. Most ropes have multiple strands – usually 3 – twisted together for added durability and to prevent fraying.  
  • Seat: Round swings usually have a mesh seat set on a metal frame. It’s one of the reasons these types of swing have a high weight capacity. Smaller swings feature a simple wooden seat that can hold one or two kids. The seat can also be plastic.
  • Rings, hooks and accessories: For safety and durability, the rings, carabiners and other accessories should be metal. These include the rings that hold the ropes and the hooks that secure the swing to the tree branch.

d) Weather Proof

Though most tree swings are designed for outdoor use, they vary in how weatherproof they are. Some can withstand being exposed all year round.

With others, the manufacturer may recommend taking it down during wet weather.

We recommend getting a swing that is highly resistant to moisture and UV damage. Check that the ropes are weather-proof (should be polypropylene or polyethylene), the metal parts are corrosion-proof and the wooden seat is treated to protect it from moisture damage.

e) Easy to Install

You shouldn’t have to call a pro to install the swing. You should be able to hook it up to a tree in less than 10 minutes.

Also, check that the swing ropes are adjustable. This allows you to customize the swing height depending on how high the tree branch is.

Make sure the swing comes with all necessary accessories for installation.

f) Price

Finally, decide which price range bets fits your budget.

Tree swings are generally inexpensive. You can find a good quality swing with a high weight limit for under £50.

The largest swings, designed for two or three kids, cost between £30 and £50 depending on size and weight capacity.

Single-person swings made with premium materials can also cost as much. But they offer a higher weight limit, are more weatherproof and last longer.

If you are on a budget, you can get a simple tree swing for under £20. It can only hold one child but it is just as sturdy as other pricier swings. Just don’t expect it to last as long.

Toddler and infant tree swings cost between £15 and £25.

The Best Tree Swings

1. Display4top Outdoor Swing Review

The Display4top Outdoor Swing is the best tree swing for most families. It is especially ideal for families with several kids.

Measuring 40 inches in diameter and with a 180kg weight capacity, the Display4top swing can hold multiple kids without a problem. You can also swing on it without snapping the rope (but make sure the branch can hold an adult’s weight).

The Display4top Outdoor Swing consists of a round sitting platform and four ropes holding it above the ground.

The platform has a mesh design that keeps kids safe and comfortable. The mesh is set into a metal frame, which is why the Display4top swing can hold more weight than most tree swings.

The Polyethylene ropes are 1.8m long when fully extended. For branches lower to the ground, you can adjust the ropes to make them shorter.

Installation is super easy. The Display4top swing comes ready with straps and carabiners to quickly attach it to a tree branch.

All parts of the swing, including the rope, mesh and metal accessories can withstand all kinds of weather including rain, snow and sunshine. It’s safe to leave the Display4top swing outside all year round.

What we like about it:

  • High quality materials ensure safety and durability.
  • High weight capacity and wide seat – multiple kids can sit on the swing.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Easy to install.

2. PELLOR Wooden Swing Seat Review

If you are looking for a tree swing that both kids and adults can enjoy, we recommend the PELLOR Wooden Swing Seat.

The swing can hold up to 100kg, making it safe for kids and most adults.

The seat is made from solid beech wood. But unlike most seats, it has a curved profile that better aligns it to the human body, making PELLOR more comfortable than most swings.

The seat is not one solid block; it consists of four pieces with spaces in between. The slatted design allows rain water to drain, keeping the seat dry and reducing the risk of moisture damage.

Though the wooden seat has anti-rot treatment, don’t leave it out during winter. Excessive exposure to moisture will weaken and damage it.

The ropes are Polyhemp (made with polypropylene). They are hardy, resistant to weather elements and very durable.

You can adjust the height of the ropes between 1.2m and 1.8m depending on the height of the branch you plan to hang the swing from.

What we like about it:

  • Safe and durable design.
  • Curved seat is more comfortable than that of most swings.
  • High weight capacity – can be used by kids or adults (perfect if you are looking for an affordbale hanging garden chair).
  • Easy to install.

3. Bigjigs Toys My First Wooden Cradle Swing Seat Review

Looking for a safe and comfortable swing for your infant or toddler? We recommend the Bigjigs Toys My First Wooden Cradle Swing Seat.

It’s designed for children between 1 and 3 years. The weight limit is 25kg.

The Bigjigs swing has an enclosed design, ensuring your little one doesn’t fall out. They sit inside the box with their legs hanging out from the side. Vertical straps on the side provide extra protection.

The wooden platform has a slatted design to keep water from pooling on it and causing damage.

The four ropes attaching to the swing are very strong and are safe for outdoor use. Like in most swings, they are adjustable to a max height of 1.12m.

Note that the Bigjigs swing doesn’t come with hooks or carabiner clips. You’ll need to buy carabiners to attach it to an existing swing set. If you prefer installing it on a tree, you’ll need metal hooks and carabiners.

If you are replacing an older swing that already had hooks, you don’t need to buy any extra accessories. Just remove the old swing and put in the new one.

What we like about it:

  • Multi-coloured beads make the Bigjigs swing toddler-friendly.
  • Safe design.
  • Versatile – you can attach the swing to a tree, a swing frame or ceiling hooks. It’s also ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Adjustable height.

4. Garden Games Pine Wood Tree Swing Review

If you are looking for an extra-long tree swing to attach to a high branch, we recommend the Garden Games Pine Wood Tree Swing.

Most tree swings have 1.5m-2m ropes. The Garden Games Pine Wood Tree Swing comes with 3m ropes, which lets you hang it from a high branch without raising the seat too high.

You can also hang it from a lower branch since the ropes are adjustable.

The ropes are poly hemp, meaning they are outdoor-safe. The manufacturer says the swing can be left outside all year round.

The Pinewood seat has been treated to protect it from the elements. Unlike the PELLOR seat, this one is flat, so it may not feel as comfortable.

Everything you need to install the swing on a tree branch is included. This includes galvanised metal fasteners to hang the ropes from a tree branch.

The Garden Games Pine Wood Tree Swing has a weight capacity of 70kg, making it ideal for young and older kids. It can also hold some adults, though we recommend it just for kids to ensure it lasts long. Getting too close to the weight limit may reduce its lifespan.

What we like about it:

  • Durable pinewood seat, metal accessories and polypropylene
  • Extra-long ropes.
  • Easy to install.

5. Garden Games Green Monkey Disk Swing Seat Review

If you are on a budget, the Garden Games Disk Swing Seat is our top recommendation. It costs less than all our other picks but it’s just as safe and fun for your kids.

The reason it’s cheap is because of the design and materials.

It consists of a disk with a single rope extending from its center. Kids sit on the disk and can either swing back and forth or spin around.

The 2.5m long rope has a soft silky texture, ensuring it doesn’t hurt or burn skin. It is also weatherproof.

The plastic seat and the metal accessories are also weatherproof. So you can set up the swing outdoors without any problem.

Another reason this swing is cheaper than others is that it doesn’t come with the conversion rope requires to attach it to a tree branch.

You can attach it to an existing hook if you are replacing an old swing. Alternatively, get the complete Garden Games swing. It costs about twice as much as the basic version.

The recommended weight limit of the Garden Games Disk Swing is 70kg, making it ideal for both younger and older kids.

What we like about it:

  • Affordable.
  • It can spin – some parents say it’s more fun for kids than traditional swings that only move back and forth.
  • Weatherproof.

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