Which Are The Best Toys For Siblings To Share?

If you have two or more kids in the same age group, you know how challenging getting them to share things can be.

They seem to fight over everything. Toys are the worst closely followed by the TV remote.

Most parents resort to separate toys for every child. While it’s important for kids to have their own toys, buying every toy in twos is expensive.

Fortunately, there is a way to help your kids get better at sharing: by getting toys that encourage them to play together.

These include board games, card games and treasure hunts. Outdoor games like tennis and soccer are also great.

These toys are not only good for your sanity, they teach your kids how to share and will help them bond.

What to consider when buying Toys for Siblings to Share

a. Interactive games

Interactive games encourage communication and sharing between siblings. They can actually help lessen sibling rivalry.

Board and card games are some of the best interactive toys. Most need to be played by at least 2 people, making them perfect for siblings.

Puzzles and treasure hunts are also good.

b. Construction toys

Look for toys that involve construction. Blocks, plastic or wooden, are great for this.

This will encourage your kids to build something together. Even if each decides to build their own tower, they are still sort of playing together.

Some healthy competition is good for bonding and it helps them get used to sharing the same toys.

c. Pretend play toys

Whether it’s a doctor set, a kitchen set or a magic kit, pretend play toys are great for sibling sharing.

Encourage your kids to role-play with each other. They can play teacher, doctor, storekeeper or explorers.

d. Outdoor games

When you’ve finally had enough of their constant bickering and fighting, keep them busy outdoors with a variety of sibling-friendly games.

Good ideas include soccer, tennis, treasure hunts and water games.

These games have the double benefits of ensuring your kids get a healthy dose of physical activity as well as helping them get along.

e. Fewer solo play toys

Solo play is important for kids. Kids also need space to build their independence and learn how to tackle challenges on their own.

So don’t neglect getting them their own toys. But these should not make up the majority of their toy collection.

Focus more on interactive toys and activities that give kids more opportunities to share and play together.

On the same note, avoid digital games for younger kids. Nothing sets siblings off against each other more than having to share a game on mummy’s phone.

The Best Toys for Siblings reviews

1. TOMY 141348 Screwball Scramble-Classic Children’s Preschool Action and Reflex Game

This table top obstacle course game is just as fun (and challenging) for kids as it is for adults. The aim is to move a small steel ball through a series of slides, hoops, a walkway and other obstacles.

It’s like a Rube Goldberg machine only that you are the one controlling how the ball moves.

The game is surprisingly challenging even for adults. The 1-minute timer does not make it any easier. It gets nosier the more it counts down, putting more pressure on the player.

The recommended age range is 5 year and up. It’s best played by two or more players. So it’s perfect for siblings.

The winner is the one who finishes the game in the shortest time. Kids can play the game repeatedly to try and beat each other’s time and their own times as well.

The game requires no batteries so they can play for hours on end whether they are home, in the car or out camping.

Feel free to join your kids for a game or two. But don’t be too confident; it’s harder than it looks.

What we like about it:

  • Fun and challenging for kids – teaches them precision, hand-eye coordination and patience.
  • No batteries required.
  • Perfect for siblings as well as solo play.

2. Mantis Children’s Tennis 2-Player Set

Tennis combines physical activity and sibling bonding with a little healthy competition.

This set includes a couple of tennis rackets and one ball.

The rackets are sturdy and durable yet light. The lightness comes from the aluminium construction.

There are two size options: a 25” long one for 9-11 year olds and a 27” one for kids 13 years and older.

While the rackets are well made and sure to last long, the ball is another issue. Most customers say it split within half an hour of playing.

But it’s a bonus addition anyway so don’t let it stop you from buying the rackets. Just make sure you get a separate set of tennis balls.

What we like about it:

  • Good quality rackets.
  • Lightweight rackets that help kids improve their game.
  • Includes carrying bag with a convenient shoulder strap.

3. Children Walkie Talkies 2 pcs

Walkie talkies are classic toys for siblings. They are great for outdoor activities like hiking, camping or even just around the yard.

This particular pair comes with 8 channels plus several other cool features including 10 call alert tonnes, adjustable sound volume, auto-squelch to reduce background noise and an LCD backlit display with battery level indicator.

The walkie talkies have a 3km range, which is more than enough for kids. In open areas, the range can be as wide as 5km.

They are conveniently compact and light. Kids won’t have a problem carrying them around in their hands or pockets.

The walkie talkies are available in 5 colour options including blue, black, pink, yellow and green.

What we like about them:

  • Ideal for outdoor play between siblings.
  • Professional-quality walkie talkies with lots of great features.
  • Auto-channel scan and auto-squelch for clear communication.

4. COOLJOY Water Magic Drawing Mat

If your kids are always doodling all over the walls and floor, this drawing mat will give them a safe place to draw and colour as well as an opportunity to bond.

The mat measures 80 by 60cm, large enough for siblings to draw on together. The best part is that they don’t need messy crayons or markers to doodle.

You simply fill the pen with water and start drawing. The drawings will automatically disappear after a few minutes as the water dries up.

This means no messes on the floor, their clothes or their hands.

The mat has a water resistant bottom, ensuring the floor does not get wet.

The drawing mat comes with 5 magic pens and 8 stamps. Depending on the area your kids draw on, their drawings can appear in red, yellow, green or blue.

What we like about it:

  • Lots of fun for siblings with no messes on the floor or on themselves.
  • Ideal for younger kids who are more prone to making messes when using crayons and markets.
  • Perfect for on-the-go use on road trips or when camping.
  • High quality polyester fabric that is guaranteed to last long.

5. TOMY Pop Up Pirate

You probably played Pop Up Pirate when you were a child. It’s a simple but incredibly fun game that your kids will love.

While kids can play the game alone, it’s more fun when played among 2-4 people. So it’s great for siblings.

The game features a pirate in a barrel. There are colourful swords that plug into the side of the barrel.

The pirate pops up randomly when you plug the sword into different holes. So the aim of the game is to see who causes the pirate to pop up.

Everyone takes turns sliding a sword into one of the holes on the side of the barrel.

The one who causes the pirate to pop either wins or loses the game depending on your specific game rules.

It’s a super fun game that kids can play anywhere. So feel free to pack it for road trips, picnics and camping.

What we like about it:

  • Simple to play and loads of fun.
  • No batteries required – they can play it anywhere and for as long as they want.
  • Great for sibling bonding.

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