How To Choose The Best Toys For 6 Year Old Girls?

One minute, buying toys for your little girl is easy – the next, she’s grown into a pre teen and fluffy pony teddies and face paints just don’t cut it any more! What do you do when you’re looking for the best toys for 6 year old girls but you just don’t know where to start? You settle in for a comfortable read, that’s what, because we have found out a good range of the best toys for 6 year old girls that will put you in their best books.

If you’re looking for some ideas for a 6 year old boy, click here.

Best Toys For 6 Year Old Girls: Top 5 Ideas

1. Hape E3401 All Season House

A modern take on the traditional, old fashioned doll’s house. This one is definitely something to be played with, not just displayed on a shelf and never to be touched!

What we like about it:

  • Open plan and easy to play with. The fact that the walls are not enclosed makes it very easy to manoeuvre the contents around.
  • Moveable stairs and reversible theme. You can switch around the interior of this house with ease, and even prepare the residents for different seasons.
  • Encourages imaginary play. Getting your little ones to use their minds creatively is a great milestone, and one that will enhance children’s lives.
  • Made from quality, sustainable materials. This house is made from wood which is environmentally friendly, and is strong and durable, meaning that this toy can be played with for years.
  • Encourages environmental ideas. The roof of this house is covered with solar panels, which will instil an awareness of the climate issues we face, and some of the methods we can use to solve them.

2. SALOMON Kids Wilson Roger Federer Racquet

A great, quality racquet for those children who dream of Wimbledon and who love running around on a court. The woman’s tennis is becoming more and more popular, so why not to give your girl a chance to compete?

What we like about it:

  • Inspired by the original championship racquet. This is not a cheap copy, this racquet is the real deal!
  • Made by a trusted manufacturer. Wilson has been making sporting equipment for decades, so they really know what they’re doing. You will receive a quality tennis racquet for your budding stars.
  • Wide string plate for ease of use. The width of this racquet means that it will be easier for your children to hit the ball, so they won’t become discouraged because they “can’t do it”.
  • Lightweight and suitable for little hands. This racquet is perfectly suited to small hands, and light enough that they can swing it around for hours without getting tired.
  • Suitable for left and right handers. This is an inclusive racquet, which will be perfect for lefties or righties.

3. Eala 3D Dinosaur LED Night Light

All kids love dinosaurs, right? This gift is the perfect one for the lovers of Jurassic Park (just remember to keep an eye on them so they’re not staying up all night watching it!)

What we like about it:

  • Multicoloured light options. This light comes with a remote control which can change the colour output of the LEDs to your child’s favourite colour.
  • Creates a 3D picture. This is an innovative design, which can make it seem as though a dinosaur has come to life and is roaming around your child’s bedroom!
  • Can be powered with USB. You don’t have to keep buying expensive batteries, you can simply charge up this light using a USB charger, for ease and convenience.
  • Sturdy and hard wearing. Anything that is used for a child needs to be strong, and able to withstand being dropped occasionally. The base of this night light is made from tough acrylic, so it should stand up well.
  • Can improve bedtime. For children who struggle to go to sleep, or even with the thought of going to bed, having a fun night light can really help them to relax, and even enjoy bedtime.

4. ATOPDREAM Fun Pogo Stick

For the bouncy Tigger child who simply cannot sit still, try a pogo stick. They can burn off all their energy in a safe way, at the same time as learning balance and control.

What we like about it:

  • Safe and easy to use. The older generation of pogo sticks can be hard to use, but this one has a wide foam base that gives a cushioned bounce and makes it much harder to fall off.
  • Promotes balance and physical activity. Your children can exercise without really knowing they are exercising, at the same time as learning essential balance and control skills.
  • Suitable for all sizes. This pogo stick will support a weight of up to 250lbs, so it is versatile and suitable for older, larger children as well as smaller ones.
  • Foldable and portable. When not in use, this stick can be folded away, meaning that it won’t take up too much room in your house or car.
  • Can be used indoors. When the weather isn’t good enough for outside play, your littles can still enjoy bouncing around the house. And, with the squeaker that squeaks every time they bounce, you will always be able to find them!

5. ATOPDREAM Kids Baking Set

Baking with kids is great (if somewhat messy!) It can encourage a love of cooking early on, and it’s a great bonding exercise for parents and children.

What we like about it:

  • Comes with tools suitable for children. The rolling pin and cutters are child friendly, so your kids can really enjoy the baking process.
  • Safe, non toxic construction. The tools are made from wood and stainless steel, which is strong and rust proof, while the apron and hat are made from quality cotton.
  • Excellent for learning about cooking. Your children can get into the art of creating food from an early age, which is a great life skill.
  • Fully washable. Even though your children (and you!) may end up coated with flour and dough by the end of a cooking session, you can easily keep their cooking implements clean and ready for the next time.
  • Promotes development. Learning how to make shapes, roll out dough and learn about different weights and measurements, is all excellent food for the developing mind (excuse the pun!)

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