How To Choose The Best Squishies Ever?

Everybody likes a soft toy, right? I bet you don’t have to think too hard about where your favourite childhood teddy has ended up! If your children are too old for teddies, or bored of all their other soft toys, why not have a look into the best squishies ever?

These are a new generation of, well, squishy toys – and they’re great fun! You can get an enormous range of different types of squishy; from animal shaped to food shaped; scented and non scented; made with different materials – the list goes on.

Squishies have another purpose, as well as looking cute – they’re great for relieving stress and tension. They have just the right amount of squishiness, that a lot of users have reported them to be as good as a stressball, making these colourful little creatures almost as popular with adults as they are with children!

And, by the way, these also make great toys for autistic children, at least based on my experience.

They are all made in cute, attractive forms, in just about every colour there is. Their construction materials are generally PU foam, which is safe and non toxic for little ones, and is durable and hard wearing so it should survive the trials of being a child’s toy, or a tension reliever for a stressed adult.

What to consider when buying squishies

When you’re looking for the best squishies ever, you have to consider the personality of the person you’re getting it for. What do they like? Chances are there will be a squishy based around what they like the most, as there is such a huge range, so you can match the child to the squishy.

Alternatively, if it is for yourself or another adult friend who you think could benefit from the tension relieving properties, then again, the world of squishies is your oyster!

When buying squishies for children, you also have to consider safety – make sure there are no small parts that can cause a choking risk, and make sure you go for the strongest model you can, to minimise damage from exploring hands.

They come in a huge range of colours, so you can choose from bright colours – especially suitable for young children – or more muted tones, for older children and adults.

Best Squishies: Reviews

If you’re looking for the best squishies ever, then look no further. Following are the best that we could find, and there’s plenty of choice so you are sure to find what you are looking for.

1. Anboor Squishies Panda Egg Jumbo Squishy

A larger than average squishy, great as a conversation piece in a room; a fun toy for kids; or for stress relieving (and it’s big enough to be used as punch bag too!)

What we like about it:

  • PU foam construction. This is a sturdy material that can out up with a lot of stress, and it has the added bonus of being non toxic and safe for little ones (even if they have a little nibble to experiment!)
  • Always returns to its original shape. No matter how hard you squeeze it, this squishy will quickly return to its former glory – and it’s fascinating to watch it do so.
  • Ideal for stress relief. The tension of this squishy is the perfect tension to help remove the stress from your body and mind, without having to resort to punching walls.
  • It has a pleasant scent. This squishy comes with a light fragrance which is very pleasing. If it loses its scent, simply leave it in a well ventilated room for a day or two and it will return.
  • Very robust. You can put this squishy through any amount of abuse and hard playtimes, and it will bounce back (excuse the pun!) Just watch out for puncturing the outer surface.

2. Anboor 10 Inches Squishies Watermelon Super Jumbo Squishy

The perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of the watermelon, or anyone who needs a little stress relieving novelty in their life. It’s large enough to hold in two hnds, yet soft enough that it won’t frustrate children.

What we like about it:

  • Slow rising. The slow return to its normal state will be interesting for kids to watch, and it’s super satisfying to see it return to its untouched perfection. You can squash it down into a tiny shape, and it will come back to its own.
  • Bold, bright colours. This makes this squishy especially suitable for younger children, who will love its vibrancy.
  • Suitable for anxious people. This squishy, with its squeezy tension, will be great for those who feel the need to play with something to relieve anxiety or stress.
  • It is soft with no hard edges. You can use this squishy as a pillow, a ball – even even a playfighting weapon – and in any of its incarnations it won’t hurt anyone.
  • Lightly scented. The smell is neither too faint nor too overpowering, so it is the perfect mix.

3. PARTYKA Squishies Pack 8pcs

This is a squishy set perfect for the whole family – everyone will find something that suits their tastes and mood. You can lose a few of them behind the sofa and barely notice that they’re gone!

What we like about it:

  • 8 piece set. There are enough different squishies in this kit to keep everyone entertained – choose from a hamburger, popcorn, fries, a strawberry, watermelon, a banana, a panda, and even a poo!
  • They are super soft. The feel of the outside of these squishies is smooth and warm, and feels nice against the skin, making it ideal as a sensory experience for kids.
  • Non toxic and safe for all ages. The materials are environmentally friendly, and the squishies themselves have been CE tested so you can be safe in the knowledge that they won’t do your kids any harm.
  • They are robust. These squishies are extremely hard to break, as they are made from durable materials and should last and last. They are suitable for all types of plyaing, from imaginary games to rough and tumble.
  • Slow rising adds to satisfaction. Squeezing them down to nothing is fun, and watching these squishies slowly regain their exact original shape is half the fun of squishing them!

4. Millffy SGS Tested Safety Pu Foamed Squish Ball

This squishy has the added bonus of being a plush toy too, so you get the dual bonus of squeezing it, watching it return to its original shape, and it being super soft.

What we like about it:

  • You can choose from over 20 characters. With this many options, you are bound to find a squishy that suits you – or someone you are gifting it to – perfectly!
  • Squishy but soft. Most squishies have a smooth feel, but this one is a plush toy so it feels like a normal soft toy – ideal for younger children or those who like things to be fluffy.
  • Perfect for stress relief. Even young children can suffer with anxiety and other issues, and the qualities of this squishy are ideal for releasing tension, dealing with anxiety, or just relieving boredom.
  • Ideal for any age. These toys can be given to the smallest children, because they have no small parts and no harmful materials (that being said, you should always supervise the smallest children with toys).
  • Perfect for a gift. These work very well as stocking fillers, birthday presents, or even just a spur of the moment present – you will find that they are loved and well used.

5. Anboor Squishies Dog Squishy Scented Squeeze Toys

This squishy is the ideal gift for the child who is desperate for a dog but whose parents keep saying no! It’s a well made little figure, with a cute face that will appeal to little ones.

What we like about it:

  • Great for learning about animals. This little puppy looks very realistic, so it’s perfect for young, curious minds – especially for young curious minds which like dogs.
  • It’s a good size for small hands. This squishy will fit well into small fingers, which will be able to squeeze it easily. Kids can get frustrated when they can’t do things, so the fact that this squishy is small enough for them to play with is ideal.
  • Encourages strength and dexterity. Squeezing a squishy down over and over again will help with working on the muscles of the hands. This will develop all types of motor skills, from the gross to the fine, and everything in between, and will develop muscle tone.
  • Strong, PU construction. This material is durable and hard wearing, as well as being non toxic and safe for the environment. It is pretty much unbreakable too, an added bonus for a child’s toy!
  • Slow rising and gently scented. The smell of this squishy is inoffensive and mild, yet noticeable and pleasant, while the slow rising allows for great satisfaction and stimulates curiosity in the young mind.

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