How To Choose The Best Punching Bag For Kids?

Everybody knows what it’s like to feel so frustrated and angry that you could punch things, right? As adults, we have the impulse control to now that this is not the right thing to do, and that we need to calm our emotions and find alternative, more appropriate ways of expressing ourselves – most children have no such impulse control, especially when they are younger.

A child with learning difficulties, or who might be on the autism spectrum, may find this impulse control even harder, leading them to lash out at inappropriate moments and at inappropriate targets.

A punching bag can help immensely; by showing children that they can release their frustrations safely and in a controlled environment you will be helping them learn to control themselves. And there is the added bonus that neither you nor any of your property will be damaged in their learning!

A punching bag is also a great addition for children who want to get into boxing, or who are generally a bit more physical and rough ‘n tumble. They can help teach important skills, like hand eye co ordination, strength and stamina, and the benefits of hard work and physical fitness.

Key considerations when buying a punching bag for kids

One of the very most important considerations for the best punching bag for kids is that it is sturdy, well made and unlikely to break with a bit of hard pummelling.

Also, although kids’ exercise equipment is, understandably, smaller and less robust that adults’, it should also be of a high quality make and construction that offers a good possibility for actual training and strength.

You can get punch bags that are free standing or those that hang from chains or brackets; these are usually used for different types of boxing that also included the legs – whatever type of boxing your kids are into, you can find them the perfect punch bag to help them on their way.

Best Punching Bag For Kids: Reviews

1. Viper Children’s Punching Boxing Speed Ball

This upright punching bag will help agility, fitness, frustration, and in general will help your kids to learn how to box, safely and in the right way.

What we like about it:

  • Adjustable height. For older children or those with a longer reach you can raise the punching bag up higher, and lower it down again for the small ones. This also means that this punch bag is ideal for your children as they grow.
  • Comes with free boxing gloves. You get the whole kit with this punching bag – gloves that match the bag are a great bonus, and it means you don’t have to purchase them separately.
  • Base can be filled with sand or water. To stabilise the base of this punching bag, you can fill it with either water or sand to make it heavy enough to stand up to hard punches.
  • Sturdy, well made construction. Anything that is going to be punched repeatedly needs to be strong enough to take it, and this punching bag is of high quality construction that will last and last.
  • High tension spring. This will mean that the bag rebounds well and will hold itself up, not be flopping all over the place or bouncing back to catch you in the face!

2. Rstant Children Punching Ball Set

Rstant Children Punching Ball Set

A simple, easy to use punching bag that will help your kids to gain confidence, fitness, and the ability to regulate their strong emotions.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to assemble. There are just a few pieces to put together to create this awesome punching bag, and it will take no time – and very little effort – before a professional looking punching bag is fully assembled.
  • Comes with free gloves. This punching comes with gloves included, meaning that there is one less expense for you if your child fancies a career in the boxing ring.
  • Excellent training for growing bodies. This bag will help your children to practise their agility, strength, and will improve their fitness – at the same time as having fun!
  • Adjustable height to allow for growth. Your kids can continue to use this as they grow, because you can increase or decrease the height depending on how tall they get. This feature also makes it suitable for use by different sized siblings.
  • It’s a good price. This is always a consideration when buying things for kids – you never know if their interest is just a phase or if they’ll continue with it. The small price tag on this punching bag means that it won’t be too much of a financial blow even if they lose interest after a month!

3. RDX Kids Punch Bag Filled Set

This punch bag is perfect for the child who wants to get into Muay Thai, kick boxing or some other sort of boxing sport that is not the regular punching kind.

What we like about it:

  • Waterproof and can be used outdoors. If you don’t have room to turn your house into a boxing ring, you can easily hang this bag outside and it will still work just fine, and not become damaged.
  • High quality leather construction. Leather is a strong material, which can stand up to a bit of hard knocks. Any punching bag must be strong, because of the nature of what it goes through. This one will stand up to any amount of abuse, and the chains from which it hangs are rust proof and resistant to corrosion.
  • Filling can be replaced. The filling comes as a shredded textile material, which ensures a soft impact rebound and keeps the shape of the bag. You can also easily replace this filling with sand if your kids want a harder punching surface with less give.
  • Comes with matching leather gloves. These boxing gloves are of a high quality, so they’ll protect little hands from damage. They are also adjustable, meaning they will last as your child grows.
  • Comes with a swivel hook. This addition means that it is very easy to hang your punching bag up on an outdoor hook or a bracket – or even just attached to the swing set in the garden!

4. Viper Kids/Junior Free Standing Bag

This punching bag looks like the professional real deal, making it perfect for kids who have already tried and loved boxing, who want to become boxers, and who want the kit to go with it.

What we like about it:

  • Ideal for any age. As it is suitable for the age of three upwards, this punch bag can be a great addition to your household for many years to come. Little ones will enjoy playing with it, while older children can hone their boxing skills.
  • Extra wide base. This gives the punching bag lots of stability, and means that you won’t have to worry about it falling down or dropping to the floor after a particularly hard punch.
  • It comes with added extras. This punch bag, like most, comes with its own gloves – but this kit also comes with a bag, a mouth guard, a skipping rope, and other things designed to help your children on their fitness journey.
  • Strong, durable bag. Made with EVA foam, this punching bag is designed to stand up to a lot of abuse and heavy punching, without losing its shape or coming apart at the seams.
  • Suitable for different disciplines. Whether your child is into standard boxing, or Muay Thai, kick boxing or karate, they can use this punch bag to help them improve their strength, speed, stamina and technique.

5. LEOHOME Inflatable Punching Bag For Kids

This is a very lightweight punching bag, as unlike most it is inflatable and made from PVC plastic. Don’t be fooled by its construction though, this bag is just as strong as any other on the market.

What we like about it:

  • It is portable. Because it is inflatable, it can easily be deflated and folded up, which means that you can take it away with you – whether on holiday, a trip to Grandma’s house or a sleepover with friends.
  • Suitable from the age of three. You can get your kids hooked on boxing from any age, and this punching bag is a great introduction – there is no danger of it falling on them and hurting them.
  • Free standing and easy to fill. The base must be weighted with either water or sand too make it bounce back after it is struck, and this is very easy to do. The fact that you don’t need brackets or other equipment is a great bonus.
  • Printed target zones. This bag has handy “target” areas so your children will know where and how to strike it the best, which helps with their training and learning how to box well.
  • Helps with different types of boxing. Whatever style of boxing your kids are into, from the standard type to MMA, martial arts and kick boxing, this punch bag has got you covered.

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