A Review Of The 10 Best New Monster High Dolls This Year

Since July 2010, when Mattel introduced fashion dolls into the toy world, dolls have become somehow animate. Themed fashion dolls, especially from Mattel have revolutionised the toy industry and other toy makers have not hesitated in releasing their own series of the dolls.

However, these new series of themed dolls from other makers seem to be no match to Mattel’s new Monster High Dolls.

Mattel has re-launched fresh dolls with new face models for their ghouls and monsters, and that is reason enough why kids from age 6 to 16 years and beyond, love these dolls. Additionally, people no longer view dolls as a girlish affair only, for there are dolls for boys and adults too, so we could even say these are gender neutral toys.

Here is the latest series on Monster High Dolls:

1. Zomby Gaga Doll

Monster High Zomby Gaga Doll


This one is for older kids, aged 16 to 18 years. Themed on Lady Gaga’s music video, “Born This Way,” Zomby Gaga Doll is the latest entrant in Monster High. Lady Gaga fans and adult doll collectors will love her to bits. Just like in the video, her suit is a perfect match, not to mention her knuckle tattoos and skeleton look. Zomby Gaga comes with her own fashion collection, ready to dress up for any occasion. Do not let her stand on her own, her stiletto heels will not allow.

What we like about it – Fans of Lady Gaga will love the great similarity in style, demeanour and look. Her fashion collection and accessories complement the entire package. This piece is a must-have for young adults and astute doll collectors.

2. Electrified Monstrous Hair Ghouls Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Monster High DVH70 Electrified Monstrous Hair Ghouls Clawdeen Wolf Doll


The Clawdeen Wolf Doll is all about hair, hair and more hair. Recommended for kids between 6 to 18 years, this doll comes with an electrified long purple and black hair that is more than fun to touch and style. She wears a stunningly “gore-geous” dress complete with pink shoes and an orange belt. Kids will love changing her dressing and hairstyle all the time, using the seven more accessories that she brings along with her.

What we like about it – This is a great doll for teaching kids and young adults on different hairstyles and proper grooming. The seven more accessories included in the package allow kids to utilise their imagination and creativity when playing the role of a hair stylist or a fashion designer.

3. Electrified Hair – Raising Ghouls Draculaura Doll

Monster High DVH67 Electrified Hair-Raising Ghouls Draculaura Doll


Meet Draculaura, from the Dracula family. Draculaura is not only heir to the throne but also the tallest amongst the Monster High dolls. Dressed in a multicoloured bat and heart print, her striking look sparks up life everywhere she goes. She comes with neon jelly accessories, complete with pink shoes and a yellow belt.

What we like about it – This is a great doll for imaginative play. Playing with Draculaura boosts creativity and triggers imagination. Kids can recreate scenes from the Dracula movie or simply produce their own imaginative adventures.

4. Boo York Gala Ghoul Friends Elle Eedee Doll

Monster High Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Elle Eedee Doll


Elle Eedee, daughter of the robots, joins her ghoul friends Luna Mothews and Mouscedes, as they head to Boo York city to observe the momentous passing of the Crystal comet. The ghoul friends try to outdo each other by wearing their best attires for the occasion. Kids will love Elle Eedee, as she wears an elegant, futuristic dress, complete with a metallic dress and overskirt. Kids will love dressing her up for the occasion.

What we like about it – Elle Eedee is the epitome of futuristic fashion. She encourages kids when playing the role of a fashion icon, as she comes with a doll hairbrush and a diary to keep tabs with the latest fashion designs.

5. The Great Scarrier Reef Peri and Pearl Serpentine Doll

Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Peri and Pearl Serpentine Doll


Peri and Pearl are seismic twins who share one body but different minds. Inspired by the Great Scarrier Reef movie, Peri and Pearl are aquatic daughters of the famous Hydra. They have glow-in-the-dark fins and a scaly tail that supports them when standing.

What we like about it – Apart from making up for a great collectible, the Peri and Pearl Serpentine doll stimulates creativity and motivates imagination among kids. What could life under water be like? Kids are able to think beyond their imagination and make their own conclusions, thanks to the aquatic twins.

6. Great Scarrier Reef Posea Doll

Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Posea Doll


Make a plunge into the underwater world and meet Posea and her other beastly friends. She is simple and goes with the flow. Her sense of fashion is floaty and sways with the current. Her seaweed tail is home to sea creatures and glows in the dark, just like her aquatic ghoul friends.

What we like about it – Kids will love her for her simplicity and colourful print. The Posea doll is a fascinating way of introducing kids to aquatic life. She stimulates imagination and kids can learn a lot about sea life from her, as she hosts a number of sea creatures on her tail.

7. Monster Exchange Program Lorna McNessie Doll

Monster High Monster Exchange Program Lorna McNessie Doll


Lorna McNessie is part of the Monster exchange program that brings students from abroad and sends others the other way. Lorna is the daughter of the legendary Loch Ness Monster and she makes her debut in Monster high, carrying along her Rotland upbringing. She wears a stylish outfit, complemented with shoes, accessories and an elegant travel bag.

What we like about it – This is a great way to encourage children to appreciate school and learn about different cultures. Exchange programs can be fun, as well as educative. Lorna McNessie is a good example of how exchange programs can be a great learning experience.

8. Freak Du Chic – Toralei Daughter of a Werecat

Monster High Toy - Freak Du Chic - Toralei Daughter of a Werecat


Toralei leads the cast in the Freak Du Chic show, in a bid to save their art classes at Monster High. Her circus act lightens up the show, as she is an astute tightrope walker, with great skills to demonstrate. Donning a colourful outfit with a grey collar belt, she carries a spiderweb umbrella to assist her realise the perfect balance.

What we like about it – Toralei teaches kids to take responsibility and fight for the right causes, from a very tender age. This is a great way to encourage children to value their talents and use them to achieve good.

9. Monster High 13 Wishes Party Frankie Doll

Monster High 13 Wishes Party Frankie Doll


Making her debut on the Monster High 13 wishes movie is the Frankie Stein doll. She is awash with jewellery including golden bracelets, belt, earrings and hair band. She also dons golden shoes to complete her stunning look. For a “boo-tiful” night to remember, Frankie Stein carries a blue lantern with her, wherever she goes. She is also great with poses and can stand anywhere in different styles.

What we like about it – Her golden jewellery is the epitome of royalty, not to mention her flowing hair and colourful stitches. The lantern that comes with the doll is good for storage and kids can keep coins or any valuables inside.

10. Monster High Gooliope Jellington Doll 17-inch

Monster High Giant Gooliope Jellington Doll


As her name suggests, Gooliope Jellington Doll is probably the largest doll among the Monster High dolls. At 17-inches tall, she is 4-inches taller than the average ghouls, and a tower to behold. At the Freak Du Chic dance, she is the ghoul all the beasts are talking about… Her pink dress is magnificent, not to mention her epaulet collar necklace and stripped belt.

What we like about it – Her large size standout and makes everyone to take notice. Kids will love playing with her, as she is the largest among the Monster High dolls. The accessories that come along with the doll including the wagon wheel earrings and a headband are equally large, making them much easier to handle.

Buying Guide: How We Chose the Dolls in Our List

Choosing a list of the best new Monster High Dolls is no mean feat. Monster High Dolls have dominated the industry for quite a long time, releasing new dolls every few months.

Coming up with a list thus becomes a problem, putting in mind that you never know if the next release would be better than the dolls in your list. While some critics might find the list laudable, others will approach it with scepticism.

Generally, we put into consideration the design of the doll, accompanying accessories and its real purpose in terms of helping in the development of a child. We agree that dolls are no longer a mainstay of kids only, as adults too are fond of the Monster High dolls series.

Nonetheless, dolls play different roles in the lives of kids and adults. While adults acquire them for fun and general pleasure, children need dolls for development and learning.

Our list has put everything into consideration to ensure that parents or guardians buy the right doll for their kids. Adults seeking dolls for their collections can also get enough information from our well-researched list.

The Effects of Playing with Dolls, on Children

As scary as they might look, new Monster High dolls are very popular among children, as well as adult doll lovers. Ever since the release of Monster dolls in July 2010, kids have developed an affinity for them.

Even after outgrowing their childhood, young adults still purchase these dolls to rekindle their sweet childhood memories and add to their collectibles.

While some adults have reservations about playing with dolls, dolls have a great effect on a child’s development. From stimulating their cognitive skills to motivating their imagination, dolls have a massive impact on a child’s learning experience.

Children learn new things very quickly and by practicing on dolls, they can get to convert their ideas into real life situations. For instance, most Monster dolls are characterised by long hair. A child can learn how to groom by simple styling the doll’s hair. Additionally, he or she can learn how to dress by changing the outfit of their doll, frequently.

Communication is very important in a child’s development. As they grow, they need to learn how to react to certain situations and communicate their feelings. Dolls can help children develop their social communication skills, as they often talk to their dolls during playtime.

Dolls are also important in enhancing a child’s emotional and social skills. Overly, they are beneficial in a child’s social development. As kids develop an affiliation to their dolls, the learn how to nurture and take care of them.

This improves their social responsibility, as they learn how to be responsible for their dolls. Some kids even become aggressive when an adult tries to take their doll away from them.

Considerations to Make When Buying a New Monster High Doll

1. Purpose

What is the purpose of the doll you are buying? Is it for your personal collection or a gift for your child? When seeking to buy a doll, you should consider its main purpose first. If it is for your collectibles, select a doll that is not among your collection.

Monster High Dolls come in themes and series. You could purchase a particular doll to complete your themed collection.

If you are buying a doll for your child, consider his or her age first, before making a purchase. Doll makers recommend that a child should be 36 months or older before playing with Monster dolls. Some dolls are only suitable for a certain age group, while some require parental guidance.

It is important to note that dolls play a major role in your child’s growth and therefore, you should choose a doll that will aid your child’s development.

2. Accessories

Before making a purchase, consider the accessories that accompany the doll. Is it worth purchasing the doll? Will the accessories aid your child learn something new? Will they aid in my child’s development?

Monster High dolls come with various accessories, including diaries, pens and even lanterns. These accessories stimulate creativity and even motivate imagination. Your child can use the different accessories to perform different tasks, for a fulfilling learning experience.

If a doll does not have accessories, then you should look out for something special like stylish clothes or startling hair, before making a purchase.

3. Price

Is the doll you are seeking worth the price? Will I get an equal return on investment? When purchasing a Monster High doll, your return on investment is what your child stands to benefit from the doll.

In all fairness, the price of the doll should be reasonable and in line with the package. Ensure that you purchase what you can afford. New Monster High dolls are reasonably affordable and come with discounted rates.

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