Which Are The Best Meccano Sets On The UK Market?

Meccano is one of those 80s toys that is really making a comeback these days. It’s a great invention; a set of differently shaped pieces that fit together with nuts and bolts, and turn into just about anything you want them to!

Cars, aeroplanes, motorbikes, ships, dinosaurs – the imagination is the only limit. Meccano can add a whole new dimension to playing with toys, as it not only improves manual dexterity and concentration, but it can also inspire a love of engineering and of building things.

You have all the fun of building the thing and creating it from scratch, then you have the joy of playing with it – until you decide to take it all apart and make something new!

Meccano vs Lego

Meccano is more suitable for older children than Lego sets are, because they can be a bit fiddly to put together, and it is better if the child is slightly older to be able to use the included tools and to figure out how it all works.

Meccano has a more “high quality” feel to it, being made of metal as opposed to Lego’s plastic – this also means it is slightly better for the environment too, as it is more able to be recycled.

You can get a Meccano set in just about any design that you like, and these days they come with all bells and whistles attached (well, LED lights and rubber tyres, anyway!)

Lego is often considered a younger child’s plaything, whereas Meccano sets can actually grow with your child – they can start with a simple set, and graduate to a complicated, fully working model that they build all themselves.

Other considerations

When you buy the best Meccano sets, you will first want to consider the age of the child you are buying for.

Also, it’s worth finding out what the child likes – it’s no good buying a Meccano set that makes a farmyard animal, if you are giving it to a child who likes spaceships!

One of the best things about a Meccano set is that one set can have several different ways of building the finished model, so you can, if you have an inquiring mind, take it all apart once you’ve finished, and build it again another way.

Best Meccano Sets: Reviews

We have had a good look around at all the best Meccano sets on the UK market, and have out together a list that should solve all of your Meccano buying problems.

1. Meccano By Erector – 25 Model Supercar S.T.E.A.M Building Kit Review

This is a great Meccano kit for those aged 10 and over; it is also recommended for those who have used and loved Meccano before and who know the ins and outs of using the various parts.

What we like about it:

  • 25 different ways to build a supercar. With this kit, then end result is not necessarily the end of the fun – you can take it apart and build it again another way, and you can do this 25 times!
  • Contains cool extras. Included in this kit are a variable speed motor and some LED piping lights, to give this car a real edge over the competition and make it look the height of coolness.
  • Encourages learning. Despite being a fun exercise, playing with Meccano draws on engineering, science, maths and the arts too – this means it’s a great broadening experience for young minds.
  • Excellent bonding exercise. Because this toy must be built under the supervision of an adult, building it is a great way of connecting with your youngsters and enjoying a fun activity that will challenge you and bring you closer.
  • Offers an authentic experience. Using the real tools and the real parts, and learning how these parts interact together, will give any budding engineer or mechanic a real feel for the job in hand.

2. Meccano 6047099 Set 5, Motorised Movers Review

This kit is great to fire the imaginations, as it doesn’t have a set finishing piece – you can literally make the parts into anything you want!

What we like about it:

  • Contains a working motor. Whatever you decide to make with this it, you can then bring it to life with the fully functional motor that is included. This adds a realistic dimension to the kit, and makes it extra fun – what will you motorise today?
  • Comes with tools to make your own parts. If the kit doesn’t contain just the right piece for your finished model, you can just make one! The Maker Tool has a built in hole punch, edge guide, scorer and screw gauge, so you can turn just about any hard material into a part for your creation.
  • Contains instructions and blueprints. If you are not sure what you want to make, you can just follow the detailed instructions and create something special.
  • Excellent inspiration for young minds. Having a kit that you build into just one thing is all well and good, but it is actually much better to have a kit that you can turn into just about anything you want to!
  • Strong, durable and well made. The parts included in this kit are strong enough to withstand any amount of playing, and they can even cope with being attached to various different pieces, in different places.

3. Meccano 6035541.0 10 Model Construction Set Review

This set is great for the dinosaur enthusiast in your life. Forget rubber models or cuddly toy dinosaurs – make them out of Meccano for that added “wow” factor!

What we like about it:

  • You can make several different models. Far from being just the T Rex that is on the box, you can make a few different types of dinosaur using the pieces and instructions in this kit.
  • Great for rainy day activities. Because it takes time to build a Meccano set, it is fantastic fun for when you can’t get outside to play, or for those days when nothing is planned and you hear those dreaded words, “I’m bored!”
  • Good quality pieces. The parts in this kit are well made, meaning that they will stand up easily to being constructed, taken apart and constructed again.
  • Excellent for imagination. Your little ones can literally see their favourite dinosaurs coming to life before their eyes and through their hands, so it is a fantastic exercise in exercising the mind.
  • Suitable for 8 years upwards. Unlike some kits which are recommended for older children, this one can be started a little younger – ideal if you have a child who desperately wants to play with their older sibling’s toys but can’t quite manage the difficulty level.

4. Meccano 6052622 Advanced Machines Innovation Set Review

This is a serious Meccano kit, for the child (or even adult!) who has completed all the other kits out there and wants to branch out to something more challenging.

What we like about it:

  • Comes with a tool to make new parts. The Maker Tool will allow users to create new parts, in just the shape and size that they want, from just about any other material.
  • Contains a huge variety of equipment. This kit is huge – it has 422 parts, for a start! It also contains real tools to connect these parts together, a high torque motor, detailed instructions and 10 blueprints.
  • Endless building possibilities. With this kit, you can build just about anything you could possibly want to – either by following the instructions, or using one of the blueprints – or by using your imagination to create something entirely new!
  • Comes with a handy storage case. With so many parts, you may be worried about losing them behind the sofa – not with this kit however, as it comes with a sturdy storage box to keep them all safe.
  • Fun for the whole family. You may have fond memories of Meccano building from when you were a child, and now you can relive those memories with your own children.

5. Meccano Serengeti Safari Review

For those who love wildlife and the natural world, this is a great Meccano set. It features some of the best known Serengeti creatures, meaning that is ideal for the safari lover in your life.

What we like about it:

  • No batteries required. For those who are nervous about their children playing with fully working motors, this kit will be a god send – no working parts, apart from those that they move themselves!
  • Includes articulating ball joints. This feature, added in around the joints of the animals, replicates normal movement of the joints so your children can make their creations walk around.
  • Real tools enhances the experience. The fact that this kit comes with its own, fully functioning tool kit, is a massive selling point. Your child can keep these to use with other Meccano sets in the future too, making this set a good investment.
  • Encourages dexterity and fine motor skills. It takes a while for children to develop their most delicate motor skills, and this set will really help.
  • Suitable for 8 years plus. Younger children can jump on the Meccano bandwagon with this kit, as it is slightly easier to use than some of those that are aimed at older children.

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