How To Choose The Best Globe For Kids

Learning about the world, and where we are in it, is not only great for education and development, but it can be great fun too. Get your little ones the best globe for kids, and the world will be their oyster (now they know where all the countries are, of course!)

Learning about different countries can open up huge doors of discovery for your kids; you can start to teach them about history at the same time as geography, and explain the different interactions between countries.

Learning about different countries also opens the doors to discovering land types, different animals, and even languages, if your child gets interested enough. If your child has a special interest in a subject, say dinosaurs, you can encourage their interest in different countries by showing them where most of their favourite fossils were found.

Learning about the world is much more than just finding out where the countries are – it can interest them about so many other things at the same time.

Key considerations

When you are shopping for the best globe for kids, a very important consideration is that it is accurate. All the countries must be as up to date as possible, to reflect the current times, otherwise your little people will get confused.

What sort of globe are you looking for? They could have a standard, round globe with all the countries on it in the traditional style – or a fancy, augmented reality globe that can magnify certain areas and even give interesting facts about the country, give them quizzes and play little games!

Also, it is a good idea to buy something that is at least a little sturdy, i.e. that will not break after first fall from your kid’s table.

Whatever sort of thing you and your kids are into, you will be able to find the best globe for kids to help them discover where they are in the world.

Best Globe For Kids: Reviews

1. PlayShifu Shifu Orboot: The Educational, Augmented Reality Based Globe

This is well and truly a globe for the modern world. It connects with an app to teach your child all about the world and its wonders, and is compatible with a list of Apple and Android products.

What we like about it:

  • Teaches kids about the world and different cultures. Using the app and one of the listed devices, your children can learn all about the histories of each country; their animals, monuments, weather and inventions.
  • Contains interactive activities. This interesting journey into the world is filled with exciting quizzes, mysteries to learn about, and fun games to keep your kids glued to the globe.
  • Comes with a travel kit. Your little one will receive their own play passport, a stamp for the different countries, and lots of stickers to enjoy playing with, and to feel like a real traveller.
  • No borders or names on the globe. This means that your little explorers can learn all about the wonders of the world, without getting bogged down in borders and territories – just the countries themselves are explained on this globe, through the interactive app.
  • Helps children learn. Inquisitive minds can discover all about the different wonders of the world, with a 3D journey through over 100 World Wonders and more than 1000 facts to find out about.

2. Leapfrog 80-605463 Magic Adventures Globe, Multicolour

A standard looking globe, with an interesting twist. It looks like your average globe, but it has a modern day addition in interactive exploration of the countries, cultures, animals and more.

What we like about it:

  • Features a small video screen. Your little explorers can learn all about the world by tapping anywhere in the world with the stylus, and unlocking a total of over 5 hours of informative BBC videos on the screen.
  • Contains interactive games. Learning always works best when kids are having fun, and the included games are engaging and interesting, so your children will be learning at the same time as playing. This means that the lessons are more likely to stick in their minds.
  • Much more than just countries. This globe will teach your little ones facts about different cultures, habitats and animals as well as different countries – so it is a much more rounded learning experience, which will keep them glued to it.
  • Battery powered. The fact that this globe doesn’t need to be plugged in makes it portable and easy to carry around with you. This also means it can make even boring car journey much more interesting, which is great news for parents!
  • Well made and sturdy. This is an ideal toy for kids, as it can stand up to a hard knock or two without falling apart. It won’t work too well as a football, but you don’t have to wrap it in cotton wool to keep it safe.

3. Illuminated World Globe With Wooden Base

The perfect globe for little ones who want to learn about the world we live in as well as the world that we don’t. This one is a great gift for any child of just about any age and any gender, and anyone with a budding interest in the world and the heavens.

What we like about it:

  • Detailed, comprehensive illustrations. All the countries in the world are laid out in different colours, with clearly marked lines to show where each country is. The names are plainly printed, so as soon as your child can read they can start to pick out the names themselves
  • Turns into a constellation map. At night, this globe becomes a map of the night sky! There are more than 80 constellations to discover, using a warm light LED to light up the stars exactly as they look in the sky – a fantastic way to introduce children to astronomy.
  • Solid wood base. This globe has a vintage look to it, and it is also well made and high quality. The solid wood base and delicate colours would not look out of place in a fancy drawing room!
  • Increases children’s learning capacity. Having fun while learning will help the things that they are subconsciously picking up, so using this globe for the purposes of learning about both countries and the skies will increase their knowledge and fact retention.
  • USB connection. You don’t have to worry about batteries to light up the heavens; this globe plugs into a USB socket for added convenience. This also makes it double up as a bedroom light to be perched on a shelf.

4. Science Kidz 2 In 1 Illuminated World Globes For Children

A dual purpose globe that can teach your children about the heavens and the earth almost simultaneously. It’s a great fun, and also incredibly educational, learning tool.

What we like about it:

  • Excellent for learning about the planet. The countries are colour coded, with boundaries and geographical features included to help your kids learn all about the world we live in.
  • Shows the night sky. After dark, you can use this globe to learn all about the constellations, their shapes, positions and names, to help any budding astronomer learn about their biggest interest.
  • Battery powered. The LED showing the constellations is a soft, full light, which makes this globe ideal to double up as a night light. An educational tool and a sleep aid all in one, what could be better?
  • Larger size than some. This globe stands at 30cm tall, which means that there is more detail able to be included so your children can learn about the different countries without squinting.
  • Ideal for kids of any ages. This globe is the greatest gift for girls or boys of just about any age – it is fun, interesting, and the light inside is a nice added bonus.

5. Exerz Educational World Globe 25cm

If you’re looking for a traditional, standard globe to teach your children about the world and everything in it, this is the one for you. It is sleek and sophisticated, and will look classy in your child’s bedroom or playroom.

What we like about it:

  • Clear, easy to read printing. The names of the countries are stand out on this globe, so that your little ones can really learn the names of the countries without having to get really close.
  • High quality construction. This globe is made from sturdy materials, and it is well made too – the stand is strong, and the rotation smooth, reducing any potential frustration when trying to spin it.
  • Suitable for anyone over three. Younger children may enjoy spinning it around, but this globe really comes into its own when little people get a bit bigger, and start to become interested in the world outside their own countries.
  • Up to date mapping. As far as is possible in these changing times, this globe is completely accurate with which country is which, and where they are in relation to each other.
  • It’s an excellent price. For a really good globe, you might be expecting to spend a good chunk of your wages – this one will leave you with change, AND a gorgeous, interactive, educational map of the world.

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