How To Choose The Best Boomerang?

The boomerang started life as a throwing tool, which was used in hunting and occasionally in battle, most notably by Aboriginal Australians, and by some Native American tribes. The first recorded experience with a boomerang by Western people was in 1804 in New South Wales, where spectators were amazed to see someone managing to injure a rival with the skilful throwing a stick that changed course in mid air.

Boomerangs are traditionally made of wood, and are designed to be a throwing stick, with specific capabilities – the ability to rotate on their axis perfectly straight, or to travel in an ellipse, and return to its point of origin once thrown.

Types of boomerangs

These days, the boomerang is mostly known for its ability to return to the thrower’s hand – but this was not always the case. Some boomerangs were never meant to return, but just to be thrown, and others were used in hand to hand combat and never left the hand.

Most boomerangs we find today will be of the returning type, partly because these are the most striking and interesting types, and partly because we don’t have a lot of need for hunting game with sticks, or for hand to hand combat!

Boomerangs are a fun and enjoyable item to play with, whether for simple throwing and catching, or for enjoying learning new techniques and making it return to your hand.

Traditionally they were made from wood or bone, but these days there are many other materials used – from Polypropylene to Carbon Fibre – which can mimic the weight and feel of wood, but add other dimensions too, such as lightness and speed.

Wood is lightweight and easy on the hand, but some of the more modern materials are also very suited to a throwing implement that can defy gravity and come back to the hand that threw it.

Key considerations

When you are looking to buy the best boomerang, either for a friend, family member or yourself, ask yourself what it is to be used for.

Presumably it won’t be for its traditional hunting or fighting purposes, so is it for recreation? A fun game to play with the kids? For someone who shows a flair for throwing and might be interested in honing their skills for competitions? (yes, boomerang competitions exist, similarly to Frisbee!) Do you or someone you know want to try their hand at learning a new skill?

You will have to consider the type of material it is made from – are you shopping for a purist who will not thank you if their boomerang gift is anything other than quality wooden construction? Is it for a keen, modern learner who wants all the fanciest new materials? Or for someone who just really likes the look of boomerangs and wants a decorated version to hang on their wall?

Whatever your needs, hopefully we’ve got you covered with our top five pick of the best boomerang.

Best Boomerang: Reviews

1. Boomerang Wooden Blue Throwback Review

This cute boomerang is ideal as a kid’s toy and for those wanting to get into the art of boomerang throwing, as it is lightweight, easy to use and very simple to get it to come back to your hand.

What we like about it:

  • Made from high quality material. This boomerang is constructed from eco friendly wooden material based on Eucalyptus, which is non toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Unique design. The shape of this boomerang makes it perfect for throwing and catching games, and the v shaped curve allows for the boomerang’s well known returning arc.
  • It’s attractive to look at. The workmanship is fine and high quality, and the kangaroo designs in a light blue colour make it a very pretty boomerang – plus it will be easy to find if it goes missing in the bushes!
  • Smooth and ergonomic. The surface of this boomerang is planed to a soft smoothness, and it has a nice feel in the hand too.
  • Large enough to not get lost. This is a relatively big boomerang, which means that you can play around with it in the garden or the fields and you are pretty much guaranteed to find it again (just make sure it doesn’t get stuck up in a tree!)

2. Boomerang Fan Original Runner (Right Handed) Review

Despite its unusual shape, this one is ideal for the beginner to the joys of a returning boomerang. It is designed for the right handed person, so make sure you bear this in mind when you are buying one!

What we like about it:

  • Made from wood. Wood is lightweight, attractive, and better for the environment than some other types of boomerang construction.
  • It’s a different, unique shape. This one is nothing like the standard curved shape of a boomerang; it is an eye catching shape that will stand out on the playing field. No danger of someone else picking up yours by accident!
  • Highly accurate return. Because of its shape, this boomerang is almost guaranteed to return to your hand (once you have figured out how to throw it, that is!)
  • Ideal for beginners. For someone who wants to get into boomerang throwing, or as a different sort of gift for anyone in your life, this boomerang ticks all the boxes – and the recipient is unlikely to give up because they can’t get it to come back.
  • Attractive design on the boomerang. This one featured some imitation Aboriginal Australian “dot” artwork, giving it a lovely authentic look. The colours are blended seamlessly, and this is a really pretty boomerang.

3. Australian Treasures Hand Crafted Boomerang Review

This is a stunningly designed product, which is perfect as a gift for a child, or even as a decoration for someone’s home.

What we like about it:

  • It’s very attractive. For anyone who loves native Australian artwork, this boomerang is the ideal gift. It is decorated with hand painted dot work and features a lizard in the centre.
  • It is made from wood. The wooden boomerangs have a more authentic look, and the pale colour of this one sets off the decoration perfectly.
  • Lightweight and ideal for kids. This boomerang is light enough to be used by the smallest of children, and its weight means that it will easily return to the hand too.
  • Curved design means that it will return to the hand. Once you have figured out the throwing technique, this boomerang should return to your hand every time you throw it.
  • Small enough to take on holiday. You won’t notice any extra weight in your bags when you take this boomerang away with you, and it is great fun to play with on the beach or outside the tent.

4. Wicked Aussie Boomer Review

This rubber boomerang has a deep curve that makes it very suitable for throwing and catching, and it is brightly coloured and easy to spot in the undergrowth.

What we like about it:

  • Made from flexible polymer. This lightweight rubber material gives this boomerang an edge on some others, as it is light enough to fly really well.
  • Full instructions included. If you are a novice at flying, this one is a great option as it will teach you the correct throwing technique to ensure that your boomerang always comes back.
  • 25-30 metre flight range. This boomerang is ideal for wide open spaces, and it will fly for a long way before it comes back to you.
  • Suitable from a young age. Children as young as three can enjoy playing with this boomerang, and there is no upper age limit – as long as you can throw it you can enjoy it!
  • Excellent value for money. This is a relatively cheap boomerang, but it will pay for itself many times over with hours of fun!

5. Guenther 1374 25cm Pegasus Boomerang Review

A traditionally shaped, wooden boomerang that fits the aesthetic of a boomerang as well as its returning capabilities.

What we like about it:

  • Unbreakable polypropylene. This boomerang is pretty much indestructible, thanks to its strong, durable construction.
  • Comes with detailed instructions. Ideal for the novice, this boomerang’s included instructions will teach you the correct way to throw it so that it always comes back to you.
  • Suitable from age 12. This one is perfect for slightly older children, and it will do wonders to introduce them into the world of returning boomerangs.
  • Deep curve is ideal for returning to the hand. This boomerang is designed to cut through the air perfectly and curve back on its path to return perfectly to your hand.
  • It’s a good price. If you are buying a new toy for someone, you never know if they’re going to like it so spending slightly less on a first boomerang is a good idea, until they’re sure that they love it and can branch out into the more expensive models.

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